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WhatsApp Ban: What is the cause and How to Avoid Been Banned on WhatsApp For Life

So many complains have been up in the air for for some days now, people are yelling and couldn't curtailed then recent massive Ban by WhatsApp inc. It is no longer news that WhatsApp are on top of their games this time and are seriously taking massive steps to avoid users using fake or third party app for WhatsApp. With What I have withness and see this past week, it is no jokes at all as WhatsApp is taking All legal action to stop the use of Modded WhatsApp like GBWhatsApp and others to mentioned a few, hence they are seriously taking the hook by the horn this time with A target of 2 Billion WhatsApp users who uses Modded WhatsApp on their Watchlist. People have been Asking What is the Cause of WhatSApp Ban and How to Avoid being Ban on WhatsApp for Life.


How To Get MTN 4GB for N1000 and 1GB for N200 in 2019 [Welcome back Offer]

The scarcity of Tweaks have left us with no fewer options than to look for alternative to Surfing the Internet for less penny. Data they said is life, our dialy living have in common of how we want to know what is happening around the world that is why most people can't go a day without browsing the internet.. it ridiculous to see that most internet network in comparably has fewer cheaper subscription like in the case of 9mobile 1GB for N200. After a huge drop down of internet speed with hammer VPN/TunnelGuru Exe free browsing for MTN, this blog will continue to provide you with cheapest sub on MTN so let's get to know How To Get MTN 4GB for N1000 and 1GB for N200 in 2019 a Welcome back Offer from MTN.

Latest 2019 MTN Free Browsing Using Stark VPN [HAMMER VPN Alternative]

It seems we have been liberated from our Internet service provider When we have Hammer VPN working flawlessly on MTN Network. The Secret was barely discovered by few internet Nigerian tweaks Guru but on a coded Wavy level before it was made public for Everyone to Enjoy, Hammer VPN is an Anonymous VPN that Makes you hide your Identity by surfing online on some it's servers. TunnelGuru is the Originator of this VPN as it only allows few Eligible countries like Singapore, Germany, Canada, United States, Netherlands and France but Nevertheless we Nigerians where able to Tweak it and Enjoy but unexpectedly It started throttling around 1a.m on the 13th of March which is today. In the meantime while waiting for a Fix and how to make it work again with other ports because it's seems as a delibrate effort of MTN since they couldn't block it completely so they decided to block the PORT so in this article you will get to know Latest 2019 MTN Free Browsing Using Stark VPN [HAMMER VPN Alternative].

Download Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2019 Free Full Version for PC

This is another PC Game you should install and play on your PC this 2019, Game Lovers who love to play Mind Attacking Games love to Play PES (Pro Evolution Soccer). It is a football Game which virtually all Lovers of Games Love it Entangled with because of the Pleasure and the fun it brings with friends and family, Get to Download this and never Miss PES 2019 but this time Around On your PC (Personal Computer Device):And Enjoy the mix of Fantasy Movements , Skills, Mind captivating Plays and Lots More.

Free and Working Latest Virtual Credit Card 2019

tails but you are stock on getting to proceed with such sites due to the fact you don't have a credit card to use. Some online sites offers you free trial for a period of 7 days or lesser but before you can enjoy such trail you will need to input your details after which you will be charged the exact amount when you have completely enjoyed the trail account, although what happens is that they automatically make the deduction without your prior notice. In order to get free and latest working virtual credit cards for your business or to sign up to online sites which requires one, I am going share you few of these sites to create and get free virtual credit cards for yourself.

How to Recall or Delete a Message on Facebook for Both Windows PC and Android

Facebook as one of the giant if not the giant social media of all time has the most engaging and the most intuitive communicate among peers or group. In one of my recent post about 5 Biggest engines on how to turn your subscribers to profitable customers, Facebook is one of my top 3 choices and you can as well see how dominate Facebook is to business, peers and organizations. Have you ever send a message and was like "what d'hell was I thinking to have send this? Well Facebook has not really opt their games in how users can Recall or delete Message(s) on Facebook for both Windows PC and Android. Many Facebook users have be yelling for this features to be released even have to contact the Facebook help desk but before now there was no positive response. Glad to tell you that this feature has been working for somewhile now which am going to revealed to you in this article.

Win 20 Million Naira in the On Going 9mobile Magic Hour Promo

Hello Guys it's time to Get Back to Winning and Winning ways and the latest promo happening right now is the 9mobile Magic Hour Promo. This promo has been on going for a while now so you get to take your chances and guess what? you can be the next lucky winner by doing simple task of recharging your 9mobile line and Boom that amazing Call of being a Victor in a competition might shine on you. Do give anything away, Get that 9mobile Sim and start recharging a minimum of #100 naira.
Do you know what #100 naira recharge can do for you in the current 9mobile magic hour? Well to surprise you it can support your business ventures, pay your school fees, Get you a trip to dubai, get you a new car, build you a home of your dream so what are you waiting for? Just the latest trends of the #tag  #9mobileMagicHour on Twitter and surprise upon surprise can just be be the order of the day..


5 Biggest Engines That Turn Your Subscribers to Profitable Customers

You own a brand or products? Do you also have Services You offers, You want to make a statement in your Professional industry, business or niche, market your product and make your Subscribers turn to a profitable customers, well there are certain things you should or must put in place to get those profitable subscribers turn to customers but most importantly your business venture, products or services must be unique and must be placed higher than those competitors in the same industry. All I am going to laydown in this post is to give you a general guides on 5 Biggest  Engines to promote that Product or Services and reach the most targeted audience you wish to get across to.

A profitable business start from Zero to great height and therefore to Reach the maximum potential in your business or services you rendered there are specific things that should be considered. This is what you need to do and eventually you will maximize your profit and then get the targeted audience and increase Sales

Latest Working MTN free browsing 2019 Using TunnelGuru Exe on PC (2 Working Methods)

It's Good to be Back again, recently there is the latest Working MTN free browsing 2019 Unleashed and it has been working Perfectly on Android device with Unlimited Packed when you purchase a Premium Account with TunnelGuru official Site and it has now been upgraded from 900GB per Premium Account to (unlimited plan) which means it has exceeded the initial plan data capped. In this tutorial You will get to Learn how to Use MTN free browsing Cheat on PC with TunnelGuru Exe with the 2 working Method both Confirmed and Working Perfectly.. let's Get to know about the VPN TUnnelGuru. This is a Fast Reliable simple Online Tunnel that protect your privacy when Surfing anonymously, Securely online with an Increasely Internet Speeds which are available in top Europeans countries like United States, United kingdom, Switzerland, china, turkey e.t.c. With the use of TunnelGuru VPN Exe you will be Surfing freely on PC (personal computer) which powers most app on your Device so let's get started with the procedures on how to setup MTN unlimited Free browsing 2019 on PC with TunnelGuru Exe.

2018 Latest Airtel free browsing Gigabytes cheat

Its a new beginning for us to enjoy another Airtel free browsing cheat for 2018, this tweak am about to revealed to you have been confirmed working and the good thing is that it just require little effort and some penny from you to enjoy this cheat. You all will agree with me that after Glo 0.00kb free cheat has been blocked, it has been difficult tobget a totally free 0.00kb cheat Except for the fact that Cheap data plans and MTN is currently dishing out double of your data and also glo offering Extra Gigabytes for those on Auto Renewal.
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