Best Telegram Bots to Download Hottest Music Jamx [All Countries]

Do you know that you can now download all hottest and latest music's from telegram which is now much more easier and faster than when you do on a website. As you know telegram is the trendy chatting and instant messaging app right now, it gives you additional features to what other social Media messaging apps cannot give. Telegram on a massive scale now that help you to get access to many features that are unbelievable like creating Groups which can occupy up to 200k members and along with Telegram Channels which it's can occupy unlimited audience, I will show you best Telegram Bots to Download Hottest Music's Jamx which is applicable to all countries like India, America, Jamaica, columbia, Thailand, China, norway, hiati, Brazil, Ghana, South Africa and all other countries music. These telegram bots are just search engines for you to be able to download all forms of music you can think of by mere doing a simple task.
Telegram bots to download musics

Time to Say Goodbye! BBM Consumer Service Shutting Down

No wonder a wise saying says "What has a beginning must surely have and End" Some ending parts of our lives are worst experience while some are happy ending, fun, Rosy and Fulfilled, What happens too BBM? One time world most Used Chatting platform that cannot be under emphasized, as of 5 years back those who are BB (Blackberry Fans) will understand how Fun fairly these devices are, BB Enjoyed the flash point, talk of the Town and Cut accross so many Countries in Africa, Asia and Some part of Northern and southern America. Technology has improved more than what You seems to know or believe, Advents or discoveries over a decade now so do you know What could have Happened to BBM Consumer Service? is it Time for them to Say Goodbye? Well Absolutely Yes For Me if you Ask Me.
BBM shutting Down Service

Agents of Mayhem v1.0.6 Incl ALL DLC Download HD

This PC free for all Adventure Game has been released since 2017 and one of the best Adventure Game currently for PC, much more complexity to battle and armors so you need to be very vigilant when play Agents of Mayhem v1.0.6 Incl ALL DLC's. It is an open source world action game and Developer elope from saints Row franchise. Get on the alert, be on guard and feast for your enemies as you run for a no-holds barred operation and your battles are against some mastercrafted villains known as LEGIONS together with their top boss know as Stars of the Morning (MorningStars).
Download Agents of Mayhem v1.0.6

FIFA 19 APK+OBB DATA+MOD Soccer Game Download for Android

After publishing an article for which FIFA 19 ISO PPSSPP addict can enjoy, I felt that some people will love the FIFA 19 APK + MOD for Android so I decided to share this, FIFA is good when it comes to soccer games for Android as they have their official release for Android last Year. The international Federation of Association (IFA) comes along with it's latest series and being along the most interesting games in 2019 along with FIFA 19 ISO as they continue to make the lovers of soccer Game more happier than ever with their latest up to date series every good summer.  FIFA 19 MOD has added another improved features to previous version, brought to you by Electronic Arts (EA) which has intensifies the new gameplay and Much needed features for this version of FIFA 19 MOD. It gives you the extra edge when you want to enjoy absolute control  and the stunning visualization of every part of graphics you desired to see. With the way fans of Soccer Game for Android are loving every part of FIFA 19 then you will suggest that it getting more recognisation every year as they roll by.

All the available link for both FIFA APK + OBB file MOD will be provided in this article for your Android device specifically. To get the best Satisfaction to every bit of the soccer Game, Ensure your device met the must needed requirements for smoother running of FIFA 19 APK + MOD. This is an offline game which will enable to play with the need for internet connection, the Apk and OBB file has been highly compressed, if you need to get the best of FIFA soccer game, You will need to Download the Apk + OBB file MOD which gives you unlimited money to purchase players around your dream team, build stadium, customize kits and Shirts and others.

Requirements For FIFA 19 APK + OBB DATA + MOD for Android

Below are the requisite for installing and playing FIFA 19 APK+OBB+MOD as it can be install in a single slot, here are the requirements

>> 2.5GB internal storage space
>> For better gaming Experience, Android 5.0+ above is needed
>> At least 1GB Data for complete Downloads of all files

Features of FIFA 19 APK+OBB DATA+MOD for Android 

As one of the most search' Game on the internet, here below are some of the exclusive

1. 12 Countries/52 international stadiums; in addition and improvement to FIFA 18 ISO PPSSPP for Android, more Countries and up to standard international stadiums have been add which makes it more fun and unique to enjoy every bit of the Gameplay

2. External Joystick; With FIFA 19 ISO PPSSPP you can make use of an extra Joystick to support the Emulator which is faster and more smoother in the Gameplay to enjoy

3.:The unbeatable commentary which added extra life to the fullest of the Game, the replay to repeat foul, offside, freekicks and Goals in motions

4. Exclusive free of charge to everyone who wants to download and enjoy FIFA 19 ISO PPSSPP for Android

5. It now feature Top ufea leagues like the champions league and the Europa League matches

6.: Exclusive tech from EA Sport which brings a frostbite amazing game into play, just like Need for Speed: Most wanted so much to talk about of FIFA 19 ISO PPSSPP as much improved graphics have been worked upon.

7. Issues of multiplayer mode; this has been fixed in the Latest FIFA 19 MOD and no more glitches and error also incase your opponent is near you can as well make use of Bluetooth connectivity.

Now that you have grasp the features of FIFA 19 APK+OBB DATA+MOD on Android, to enjoy it you will need to download and follow the steps by step installation guides.

How To Install and Enjoy FIFA 2019 (FIFA 19) Apk+OBB DATA+MOD FOR ANDROID

✍️ First you need to go to settings >> security >> toggle on "unknown sources" after downloading the required files to play FIFA 19 APK+OBB DATA+MOD

✍️ Extract the file from both the Zip files you download and transfer to your SD card

✍️ Move the extracted OBB file to Android >> OBB folder 

✍️ For the Apk Zip MOD File you extracted, Open the folder and open FIFA APK to commence the full installation

✍️ The FIFA 19 APK MOD will be on app drawer on your Android Home page, then launch it to Enjoy.

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Enjoy playing your favourite Game FIFA 19 APK+OBB DATA+MOD for Android, if you have any questions, you can as well drop it below and share this article with friends.

FIFA 19 ISO PPSSPP Soccer Game Download for Android

Are you looking for FIFA 19 ISO PPSSPP for Android device? You can get to enjoy the latest of FIFA 2019 psp game as soccer game, FIFA has unleashed another series of an interesting soccer game on Android. IFAF also known as International Federation of Association Football which was developed by EA (Electronic Arts) has a whole lots of features, extraordinary gameplay, delightful fan base, advanced graphics and audio play.
Get to enjoy the Latest Official FIFA 19 ISO PPSSPP for your Android has it no doubt generating a lots of downloads on the Cyber space because of them much improved features unlike FIFA 18 ISO Ppsspp Soccer Game For Android which was shared on this blog. Each of these soccer games has their own unique features, Where DLS 19 enable you to have your freedom customizing your ideal stadium and others likewise PES 2019 and Winning Eleven (WE 17). The released of FIFA 2019 for Ppsspp has been one of the anticipated games of 2019 although this has gone official and has also the PSP version (PlayStation portable) and with the link provided you can also enjoy the Ppsspp on Android. 

Read someone Facebook Messages without ID and Password - Working

Facebook in recent years have been the topmost chatting social media web and App based that has connect people of old times and recent together and the most popular chatting app in the world. Often times it is more or less more hizzy if we could meet old time friends but with the help of Facebook, it has make things much more easier as Facebook messenger has played more of a vital role connecting and communicating people and each individual exchanging their idea with each others. If you actually need to do this I mean read someone messages on Facebook without ID and Password, it is possible although everyone has one or another reason of wanting to do so, others love to watch what kind of friends their children meet online, some watching a cheat wife/husband closely and other could be to gain another level of trust if they do share secret with friends or relative but whichever category you fall in or want to fall in you might as well need this.
So many thoughts about so many unspeakable things might have cross your mind but eventually you were not wanting to create any controversy unless you were able to gather concrete facts about such issues and this could cut across Facebook if such truth could be realised there, you could be asking why spying or monitoring someone on Facebook messenger when you can easily find out facts directly from such individual and in this present dispensation? Well alot.
Read Facebook message without password

There is this Android and iPhone app known as spymaster pro that works greatly for this task and this works when you can install the software on the target device. It is a mointoring software  and very safe to use as it only work with premium package subscription. When you use Spymaster Pro you are tracking their phone remotely and can as well safeguard your loved ones and take absolute charge of your business. Particularly we are dealing with Facebook here among many task Spymaster pro can do so it collects all targets users Facebook messenger messages all in one place as it relates to messages, get details like name, number of the reciever and also the sender, date and time of messages sent are also revealed with you needing to get the target users device. You can access other files sent across the target user and the recepient  only using Facebook messenger.

How Spymaster Pro works

>> You need to make purchase  of any plan of your choice, fill all your details including name and email
>>  Download the software (Facebook spy software) and install it on the victim phone this will takes less than 3 mins.
>> Login to your Control panel with the email and password that will be sent to you and start mointoring for whatever purpose you want to.

READ Someone Facebook messages without Password

1.  After making all the necessary subscription to  Sypmaster pro (Facebook spy software), remember there is a package base on your device, if it is an iPhone ensure you purchase a plan base on it and if it's a smartphone (Get it here) get it else the Facebook tracker app won't work if interchangable.
2. Install it on your target phone although for iPhone you need to provide your prospective spy company with Apple ID records of that phone and this much harder and when you are installing on Android.
3. The Android version is much easier and it takes less minutes as you only install it just like any other app on the target device.

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How to get Access to Facebook Messages of the Victim

Once all data are collected from the target user device after full installation on Android or Apply all Apple ID details from the prospective spy company, Go to your secure spy account and view the data as it will be uploaded with other information on the Dashboard of Spymaster Pro

Note that this Article is for educational purposes and not to cause any harm, Spymaster Pro has been an effective advanced monitoring tool for individuals and business owners the extra features of it is just to Read on Someone messages on Facebook, works on WhatsApp, Instagram, tinder, Snapchat e.t.c so be very cautious the way you would want to use it.

Get 6GB on 9mobile (etisalat) for N500 2019

Hello Guys, Good to be back again as we use to on this blog to provide you all the cheapest Android, iPhone, iPad Data plan for little or penny that why we are always here for all waxloadites who follow us, never miss an update therefore I urge you to join our telegram group here to follow all our updates and latest free browsing cheats for all networks on Airtel, 9mobile (etisalat), GLO and MTN. 9mobile (etisalat) 1GB for N200 is still working although few Sims are the one Eligible to activate at any time of the week including weekends but many couldn't activate it during week days except weekends (Saturdays and Sundays), don't worry if you fall into this category as I will share you how to get 6GB for N500 on (etisalat) 9mobile, You just pay attention to the post and follow every due process.
How to activate 6GB for N500 9mobile (etisalat)

Although 9mobile (etisalat) cost of data is very high compare to the likes of what Airtel, MTN and Gloves offers but you can still enjoy some of their whooping offers just like the one am going to be revealing to you, some may be aware of this but not everybody is so if you need to Get up to 6GB for N500 on 9mobile (etisalat) for April 2019 then you are welcome to the right post, requires some followed step, endeavor not to miss any of these to avoid not be able to activate and get the 6GB for N500 .

Android phone
9mobile Sim (NEW)
Recharge Pin of N500

How to Activate and Get 6GB cost N500 on 9mobile

1. Buy a new 9mobile (etisalat) sim from authorize vendor or 9mobile service center

2. Fully activate it by registering it where you bought the Sim.

3. Slot in the Sim in your Android device and call 200 then 1 before cutting the call

4. Load N500 recharge Pin and you will be given 1.5GB free

5. Migrate to more cliq by dailing *244*1#

6. dial *229*10*16# to get 4.5GB which cost N500 valid for 5days

Note: All together you will get 6GB for N500 on 9mobile (etisalat) both valid for 1 week (7 days) so enjoy browsing and downloading which works on all device.

It is a normal data and works on Android, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Computers e.t.c you don't need extra settings to enjoy the maximum speed of this whooping Data of 6GB Cost N500 on 9mobile, so enjoy while offer last and if you need to get this again you will have to purchase need sim 9mobile (etisalat) as it can only be activated once on new Sims
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How to Upgrade to Android 9.0 Pie or EMUI 9 on Huawei

Are you waiting for the new update on Your Huawei device? If yes, Glad to tell you that you can now Update to EMUI 9.0 on your Android Device which was announced at IFA 2018 from Huawei to it's Android-based Operating System.  With the new update which has a very richful features and offers another dimension like a premium User experience with an overwhelming interface that is intuitive.
Update to Android 9.0 / EMUI 9 on Huawei

Although not all all Huawei device that will receive the latest Android 9.0 or EMUI 9.0 as some lucky Huawei Users will be able to update to the latest and enjoy some of the most fascinating and premium features for the update, You can check your Device to see if it's Going to receive the Android  pie-based Update 9.0/EMUI 9.0 , below are some of these Android Device;

✍️ Honor 10
✍️ Huawei Mate 10 Pro
✍️ Honor V10
✍️ Huawei Mate 10
✍️ Honor Play
✍️ Nova 3
✍️ Huawei P20 Pro
✍️ Huawei Mate RS
✍️ Huawei P20
✍️ Huawei Mate 10 Porshe Design

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How to Update Huawei Device to Android 9.0 Pie / EMUI 9.0

If you want to update Huawei your Android device to the latest Update of Android 9.0, follow the guides below;

First you need to download HiCare App which is available on Google play store in your device and install it

Launch HiCare App and log in by selecting your Country/region >> User Agreement and Privacy >> Update >> Request Update >> Apply >> Check if your Device is available for New system update

Then  you just need to download the new update and install, you can check the screenshot below for more.

The HiCare App registration is specific to some Country/region to Login or sign up and apply for Android 9.0 / EMUI 9.0 Update. If your Application for applying for Android pie 9.0 / EMUI 9.0 is been received then you need to wait for at least 2 hours but a large volume of applicants may cause delay in receiving the updates so exercising a little bit if patient here is virtue.

Keep checking for the update for EMUI 9.0 or Android 9.0 Pie but after a week and still didn't receive the new update then follow the steps below;
Upgrade to Android 9.0 / EMUI 9 on Huawei

Check the applicable version of the phone by Settings >> System >> About phone >> Build number or for other versions of Huawei go to Settings >> System >> System update.
Upgrade to Android 9.0 / EMUI 9 on Huawei

This is how you can be able to Update Your Huawei Device to the latest Android Version of either Android 9.0 pie or EMUI 9.0 and Enjoy Amazing features and intuitive and fascinating User Interface experience. Drop your comments below if you have any problem or still need guides, share with others!!!

Trick For Eligibility on MTN 4GB for N1000 & 1GB for N200

Hello guys I have see some many MTN users complain that they are not eligible for either 4GB for N1000 and 1GB for N200 or after enjoying this offer, they no longer become eligible to activate it any longer. There are certain things you guys need to know about MTN winback offer of which am going to show you all how to be Eligible and still continues to remain eligible for MTN 4GB for N1000 and 1GB for N200. This Eligibility Trick is what I have be using for over a month now without have a single problem of "not be eligible anymore" as some are currently fazed with such challenges.
How to be Eligible for MTN 4GB N1000 & 1GB N200

MTN winback offer is an offer that gives all MTN user free goodies like bonus for call and Data only available to those who have been off the network for a while. If for a period of 30days to 180days you have not use your sim for recharging or even use it to make calls, browse or send text messages then you will be eligible to enjoy the MTN winback offer. The problem why some people enjoy the offer for a while then becomes ineligible again is that they makes such sim to be active by recharging either to the direct means *555*pin# or purchase credit through their banks so they will only Enjoy this offer for a while.

The reason for writing this article is for all ardent followers of to continue enjoying the offer till when no ends as I am going to show you Trick for Eligibility on MTN 4GB for N1000 and 1GB for N200. I have already written a well composed article on MTN Winback offer before so Do yourself good by checking on the article but in the meantime let me quickly brush off the Main points of the Eligibility Tricks.

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How to Be Eligible for MTN 4GB for N1000 & 1GB for N200

1. You need to migrate to MTN Mpluse by dialling *344*1# and follow the command Prompt

2. After successful migration, Keep your MTN sim inactive for a period of 30days (a month) at least.

3. Ensure you stay out of any activities on such sim so it is advisible to keep the sim out of any device

4. Slot back your sim in your device and dial *559*65# then you will get some run down of bonus and data balance

5. To subscribe to either MTN 4GB for N1000 or 1GB for N200, dial *131*65# and subscribe to day plan of your choice

6. You will get a successful message that your data bundle have be activated

Important: This is the Eligibility Trick to continue enjoy MTN winback offer, NEVER recharge via vendors or Through Banks because you will no longer be eligible after some period of time but make Transfer from another MTN sim the amount of recharge you want to subscribe for the winback offer for either N100 for 250MB, 1GB for N200 or 4GB for N1000. To transfer dial *600*MTN number* AMT* pin#

That is the Eligibility Trick to keep enjoying MTN winback offer 4GB for N1000 & 1GB for N200. If you desire to know more, Drop your comment below and remember sharing is caring!!!

Sad! Airtel Night Plan Slashed to 250MB for N25

When you think you have finally found a new network that can give you more for less penny then all of a sudden you will then be sad and disappointed the way they have handled things likewise. Airtel some 2 years back has been one of the best that gives the best Night plan as you can get 1.5GB as of 2017 with just N50 before things started changing till what we have as of today. All of the four major Networks (GLO, MTN, 9mobile and Airtel had their Night Plan and a fair rate before the price in Data hike sometimes last year. People opt in for Airtel Night plan recently as it is the only one that Gives 500mb for just N25 in 2019.
Airtel Night plan Slashed to 250mb


3. Send "WAXLOADED" to 40404 as SMS for text message updates.