Free Unlimited Internet Trick for Zamtel Zambia 2019

Another Free unlimited internet trick is available for Zamtel network in Zambia 2019 as we keep unleashing good and Working tricks for every region as soon as it is confirmed. Here in this article, you will learn how to enjoy internet trick for free via a Tunneling app which is for Android device but expected to get the iOS version too. 

Free Unlimited Internet Trick for Zamtel Zambia

Good tricks comes in handy and why Another Free Unlimited Internet trick is available for Zamtel network in Zambia, the last trick posted on this blog was highly appreciated by the Zambians and guess those who Follow the article MTN Zambia Free internet trick via Your-freedom 2019 enjoyed it while it last, so we will keep leashing more free unlimited internet tricks for all regions.

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The Free Internet Trick which is unlimited works perfectly with the help of a tunneling app known as Http injector Apk for Android as it helps to bypass the security firewall and servers of Telecoms network operator. You can use the Zamtel Zambia free unlimited internet trick to browse any app of your choice, surf with all Browsers for Android, allows video calls and many More.


1. Tunneling Apk
2. Android device
3. Zamtel Sim with Zero balance

How to Activate 2019 Zamtel Zambia free unlimited internet trick via Http injector Apk

The following steps will guide you on how to Enjoy free unlimited internet trick for Zamtel Zambia
(a) Download this Tunneling app Http injector Apk from Google play store or you can download the From other third party website
(b) Download Zamtel Configuration from our Telegram Channel with the Name "Zamtel Ehi"
(c) Launch Http injector Apk and Right located the 3 dots and tap on import config
(d) Search for the imported Configuration .Ehi file 
(e) tap on the start button while your Data connection is ON.

You can Enjoy free unlimited internet trick with the Configuration for Zamtel Zambia till the Expiry date via Tunneling app Http injector Apk for your Android.

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How to Get Free 9mobile 7GB Data Valid for 14 Days

Should I Say is 9mobile Season of Surprises or What Actually Conspire to the recent Free Data from their Network. Last Week, 9mobile gives a lifeline to Buy These SmartPhones and Enjoy Free 1 Year Data Bonus from 9mobile and I guess they are building up from there, this Offer is a bit better than that because you don't need to purchase a new smartphone to enjoy Free 7GB Data from 9mobile which is valid for 14 days, all you just need to do is to ensure you follow the below process and get yours.

9mobile formally known as Etisalat have been in a path to make everyone happy and once everyone is happy everything will keep getting better, that is why they are here for you. Look at this, 9mobile 1GB data for 200 naira was a hit at at least everyone can get this offer activate #EveryWeekends while some selected Sim get the offer activated Every Week days and Weekends, we also have How to Activate 9mobile Cheap Data 1.5GB for N200 this offer is just for New subscribers, do well to check out the article and other related ones on this blog.

How to Get Free 7GB 9mobile Data

Free Unlimited Internet Trick for Telkom South Africa via Http injector Lite

Many People have been Asking us to get Free Internet Trick for their Country and we will start with some good trick here for those in South Africa who uses Telkom SA and mind you this Trick is unlimited and for free internet while we are going to be using a Tunneling app among the Tun family of VPN known as Http injector Lite Apk for your Android device.

Telkom SA free unlimited internet trick 2019

Trending Face App, Privacy Concerns and What you need to know

The Russian owned app popularly known as "Face App" has set the internet on fire and the primary aim is to change your face by filtering it to a later future appearance while many people see it as fun, Expert says the App is a threat to users Data and privacy and can cause more damage than Good. Are you having the trending face app installed on your device, Do you care about your own privacy concerns and there are thing you need to know as the app has caught many people aid just "for the fun" but what is matters most is something to be bothered about.
Privacy Concerns and What you need to know

Face App also known as "old age filter" is the trending about accross virtually most social media sites like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter among others with the hashtag #FaceChallenge even When we Get to know as top United States Celebrities like Drake and Kelvin also set the internet on Fire with their Old age picture. The intended purpose of the app might override the fun of it as Recently BBC Sport also Mimick by make jest of Long tennis legend "Andy Murray" but what is the major concern is how personal data and App permission is been encrypted if at all it does.

Created in the Year 2017 by a group of developers from Wireless Lab located in St Petersburg, Russia, the app create an avenue for Hackers to Explore as users privacy can be leaked including identity. Right now it has gain more and more download accross the universe, What this app does it to Change your face appearance and filter till it's look old as it's guess your looks when you double or triple your age as a gift of life.

What we all need to know is that Face App is too open or shallow and this gives room for data and privacy concerns, if you must know the app request for permission to your app galary and it has a sole right through it's AI to Reproduce, edit or modify and publish your images without permission as stated in their terms and conditions which it will be listed or stated below for your benefits.

Security Experts said your privacy can be compromise and Your images are view in by a large audience even if you don't have access to them any longer. While Every Expert have domethsom to Say, A Twitter user James Whatley states that

You grant FaceApp a perpetual, irrevocable… royalty-free… license to use, adapt, publish, distribute your user content… in all media formats… when you post or otherwise share.

While journalist Been Fordham says

“If you start using that willy-nilly, in the future when we’re using our face to access things, like our money and credit cards, then what we’ve done is we’ve handed the keys to others."
Privacy Concerns and What you need to know

Chucks Schumer in his hashtag Warns All Americans in his video

Millions downloaded #FaceApp from a Russia-based company.

Warn friends and family about the deeply troubling risk that your facial data could fall into the hands of something like Russian intelligence or military

Taking other things into consideration, Face App could have the license to share you let details like Name, address or any vital information you might have provided during registration, you can't stop it or have control over your data even if you uninstall the App.

Here is Face App terms of service is stated below

You grant FaceApp a perpetual, irrevocable, nonexclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, fully-paid, transferable sub-licensable license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, publicly perform and display your User Content and any name, username or likeness provided in connection with your User Content in all media formats and channels now known or later developed, without compensation to you. When you post or otherwise share User Content on or through our Services, you understand that your User Content and any associated information (such as your [username], location or profile photo) will be visible to the public.

After Many Eye brows is being raised, Face App responds to data privacy concerns amidst the Uproars lingering, What you need to know as been stated above and the issue of your Privacy should be a great concern for you and not just because you want to see "old age filter" of yourself pictured.

Download Latest Football Manager 2019 (FM 19) Apk + OBB Data Files for Android

Android Games are one way to have fun while Soccer Games are Some people's favourite Games for Android, Want to Enjoy some of the best experience while playing Android Soccer Games? Then Football Manager 2019 will absolutely Give you the best you want, catch the fun and action on your Smartphones by downloading Latest FM 19 (Football Manager) 2019 which provides you with the Apk and obb files (direct Download link).

Football Manager for Android has been one of the best Soccer Games with the latest Features get you all in this game, it is the latest Addition to FM-series (SEGA's Football Manager) as you catch all the fun while playing this Android Soccer Game. It will help you to gain alot as a player experience and improve you as a Gamer to compete in the Global stage, this latest addition is all you need while we wait for Next version or FM 2020 (Football Manager 2020)
Download Football Manager 2019 (FM 19)

Generally, While some Gamers may prefer to Play PES 2019 or choose to play FIFA 2019, Others Get interested in playing Football Manager 2019 (Apk + obb files) for their Android device. If you have already installed this Game but still not play in Latest version of Football Manager 2019 V10.1.0 then you might need to update it to get the updated Saves files which contain all the names, Real player Names.
Download Football Manager 2019 (FM 19)

Football Manager 2019 (FM 2019) What All About?

Football Manager is all about Making you Feel the stimulation of playing a Soccer Game for Android and as just one of many platform provide you with the incess to enjoy playing Games on your device, formally known as "Championship Manager" before it now took a new shape and stage in SEGA's series and of course, it has been made available for Android, PC, consoles e.t.c. Compare to the Previous FM 18 (Football Manager 2018), it has adequately build it and it been a Success and good addition by SEGA's series. It's all retain the fun as a traditional Gameplay and as well includes all of the famous and teams of football club not forgetting the fact that it's controls Great players.

The new features of Football Manager 2019 which include the Apk and Obb data now have a new re-assigned logo and when the Game play is On, it is literally which has undergone a lot of improvements, also in addition to it provides new leagues with license for Budesliga more reason while you need to download and enjoy Football Manager 2019 which also bring moments of realistic fun and experience at your disposal. Furthermore, let get to see some of the most impressive features you may like for football Manager 2019 and how to make use of them in gameplay

Features of Football Manager 2019 [Keys]

Teams Development in Focus: Football Manager 2019 provides you will some of the notable elements you need as it's enable you to focus proper on Building a solid team by managing them adequately. Just Like Dream League Soccer, it manages in Real time and as well provide you with all of your players activities while keeping other things into consideration. Eliminated, as it should be less burden to you as a manager but nevertheless it is now more realistic as per taking football Manager soccer game to the next level in the upcoming series. You are shadow with the responsibility to take up the challenges as you command virtually everything from the stable of your team, all you need to do is to build or find and fill suitable roles for every player.
Download Football Manager 2019 (FM 19)

Normally, it is a routine to start with low and average players on football Manager soccer game as your low budget but gradually you will be tasked to build that team to your own desire and make it more healthy for competition. How to you get started of building a club or team? Well you choose a team name, colors of best and but a stadium of your choice.while you may also consider other options available at your disposal by recruitment of new players and the club finances.

New League Added [BudesLiga]

The BudesLiga is now been added after FM 2019 got the license to do so and bringing more fun is what football Manager is all about as you can now enjoy both BudesLiga and budesBude 2 and clubs like wolfsburg , schalke FC, Burrisia dortmund, Bayern Munich are present. As the season rolled by so also players get to receive their updates in stats, we have the transfer summer windows as you combine many players with technical and interlectuals which can dominate for a long time.
Download Football Manager 2019 (FM 19)

Strategy Creation

While it is important but not mandatory to have a strategy that works for you as Football Manager 2019 provides you will tactics you can use to win games, therefore with you experience and intimacy you can build a stronger team for your glory.

As part of the strategy you need to implement, FM 2019 has provided you to have a way for development in players a task bestore on you as a manager as it saves more funds in building and buying expensive players. Training also is more precise as compared to the previous, intense and more fun as you can hold 3 training sections as compared to 1 in other previous version of football Manager 2019.

Game Changer Players Database

World football stars of football Manager 2019 (FM 19) provides you with some name players who can can a game as star like Lionel Messi, Cristiano ronaldo, James rodigues and Neymar are present in the database with about 22,000 active players included and this will continue to ascend in numbers to other versions.  Others to focus on is the player ability, speed and health as these are considered to be part of the players index in the profile data statistics. You can buy and develop other players and get to gain huge prizes during transfer windows when clubs coming for these players purchase. Football Manager provide you with huge player systems as you can get around to find your choice of players and develop a team with them and mind blowing fact of developing your player Hunter as it is responsible for finding playings right for the team and bring them in.

Improved Graphics and Sounds

The graphics during game play is now imoroved and has a more quality sound. Football Manager 2019 graphics is more Enjoyable as compared to the previous as it now we'll optimized with a user interface (UI) of which is far more glaring and beautiful, every placement have been made in the improved graphics without getting confused. Sound also is something that has be tremendous as it brings a quality in sound in gameplay and background with tense music as an inspiration to players or gamers.

About Football Manager 2019

Developer: SEGA's Series
Graphics: 3D
Storage: 2GB
Version: 5.0+ above

Full installation Guide of Football Manager 2019 (FM 19) Android

Below is the full installation Guide on how to install Football Manager Apk and Obb data files for Android, with all of it's significant changes and ensure you have the above specifications before you installed this game so as to play it smoothly on your Android device.

>> Download Football Manager Apk and Obb with the links provided below and save it to your device.

>> Launch the Apk and install then go back to your app drawer and see the Game with the logo inscription of "FM"

>> Open your file manager, I have provided some great file Manager for Android as you can use Zarchiver Pro to locate thefiles (include Obb + Kits and logo file)

>> Locate Obb data file and extract it then you will get the folder name ““.

>> Move the above folder name to SD card >>Android >> Data >> >>files >> installed >>Graphics

>> Now Make Extraction of file to SD card >>Android >> Data >> >>files >> installed >>Graphics

>> Go to app drawer and open Apk to select the team of your choice and download the corresponding file for that team as more current files upload will be provided.

>> The make Extraction of the team data file you have downloaded by moving to "fm_save1.dat" to  “Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager Mobile 2019/normal/games”.

>> Open the Game again to complete the final steps of the installation Guide by going to settings >> display >> front end >> Reloads then relaunch and start playing.

Note: Relanching the Game makes logo and kits updated  so if it's fails to get updated please restart.

Where to Download Football Manager Apk + 0bb for Android (FM 19)

Here is the direct Download links for both the Apk and Obb data with Kits and logo inclusive

FM 19 Apk || FM 19 Obb data || FM 19 Kits || FM 19 Logo

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Download FTS 2020 Apk (First Touch Soccer Game 2020) For Android

Wrapping Up:

Your choice of Android Games differs, Football Manager 2019 has also tends to bring more fun in it's own excitement level by providing you with absolute Game mode which are tense during play. You can download the FM 19 Apk and Obb Data files from the above link and enjoy playing the game for fun while building the excitement and fun with your dream team.

How to Get 10GB for 1000 Naira with Glo Auto-Renewal 2019

This Sound unbelievable Right? Actually it is Not and that is why the Grand Masters of Data is Right Here for You, Get much Cheaper and less costlier Data at a price worth it. Glo is here to Make you smile Meanwhile all you have to do is to ensure you follow the Instructions that will be given on this Post so you can get to Activate 10GB of Data cost 1000 naira which will be base on Glo Auto-Renewal and Working Perfectly, the recent and the best 2019 method will be shared in this article, Get your Glo Sim ready.

Glo 10gb Auto-Renewal for 1000 naira

Latest Working Method to Get MTN 4GB for 500 Naira 2019

MTN Newly Revamped and Revisited data Plan has brought New Changes as you can now get More Data at a cheaper and affordable Price. The New Changes has also brought about improvement in some of it's data as of Recent as you can now Get 1.5GB for N1000 and as well 2GB for N1200 as Compared to the Former price. Well among the New Revisted Data is the latest 4GB which cost as low as N500 Naira and this method I am going to revealed to you is currently working as you can get as much as 8GB for N1000 in July 2019 and beyond.

MTN 4GB for N500 Naira

How to Activate 9mobile Night Browsing 1GB for 200 Naira 2019

Apart from Airtel Which Now give a better Night Browsing Plan because it enables multiple subscription and you can now get more than 1GB per Sim for a Night while also MTN Night Browsing Plan Activation Codes Revamped for 2019 is still working as you can get 250MB with 25 Naira and 500MB for N50 and it can only be activated once per night, 9mobile formally known as Etisalat Night Browsing 2019 is still working for those who prefer to go for this plan, to activate and get 1GB cost N200 Naira on each Sim per night.

How to get 1GB for 200 naira 9mobil Night Browsing

9mobile Night Browsing 1GB for N200 Naira may be preferably the best for some because it suit their need while others may choose to go for Airtel or MTN, for those who will consider using the 9mobile Night Browsing will know how to activate this plan on their device and will be privilege to browse the internet over specific period of hours each new Dawn.

While it may have it's advantage, 9mobile Night Browsing also have it's own disadvantages, although the advantages may override the disadvantages depending on which angle you see it.

SEE ALSOAirtel DataPlus: Activate and Get 500MB + N1000 and 1GB + N2000

Advantages of 9mobile Night Browsing 2019

1. Very fast in the early hours
2. Heavy internet users can take advantage of this plan
3. Usable on every device like Android, iPhone, PC
4. All tarrif plans are eligible

Disadvantages of 9mobile Night Browsing 2019

1. As compared to other Networks, it is too costly
2. Can only be activated once per Sim

How to Activate and Get 1GB for 200 Naira 9mobile Night Browsing 2019

a. Ensure you have a minimum of 200 naira in your account balance or recharge to activate the 9mobile Night Browsing

b. dial the Activation code *229*3*11# and you will be credited with 1GB data cost N200 Naira.

Note: The 9mobile Night Browsing is from 12a.m to 5a.m every Day and can only be activated once per Sim.

Enjoy browsing from all device with 9mobile Night Browsing and surf the internet like a boss while heavy internet users can also make use if this Plan with multiple 9mobile Sim

Buy These SmartPhones and Enjoy Free 1 Year Data Bonus from 9mobile

If you aren't aware of the new 9mobile offer maybe you might be missing on something, When it comes to Reliability and Superfast internet, the network netw comes to mind is 9mobile as there data is pretty much faster everywhere than other Network, this is not a guess statement but with the feedback from 9mobile costemers accross the 36 states in Nigeria, it shows a drawn conclusion while most people may prefer to use 9mobile than any other Network not even MTN and to further tease you, 9mobile has decide to give Free 1 year Data bonus if you purchase any of these device listed below.

9mobile Free 1 YEAR Data Bonus

9mobile has some data offers you can activate cheaply of Recent, one of these Cheap data plan is 9mobile 1GB for as cheap as 200 naira which gives you access to Internet service on your device for 3 days  but no rollover applies and available for all Sims during weekends while fews Sims are eligible during the weekdays including weekends, you can as well get 1.5GB Data for as low as N200 naira, the 6GB for 500 Naira is also perfectly working for those who joined the 9mobile network by purchasing New Sim.

Do you know these smartphones can get you free Data for 1 year? This new offer is from 9mobile as you can get Double of your Data subscription for a whole year. Make a smart decision by buying any of these New smartphone from 9mobile eShop or experience centers Which is available Nationwide and you are qualified to get Free Data bonus for 1 YEAR.

How to Get Free 1 YEAR Data Bonus From 9mobile.

To qualify and be part of this offer, just work up to any 9mobile experience centres or 9mobile eShop and order for any of these Smart devices

(a) Tecno Spark 3
(b) itel P33 plus
(c) infinix S4

These smartphones will qualify you to get Free 1 YEAR Data bonus while you enjoy the value for your Money.

Note: You have to either purchase any of these smartphones from 9mobile eshop or 9mobile Experience center and NOT just a Mall or e-commerce website.

Keys Specs of Tecno Spark 3

4G: Yes
RAM: 1 / 2GB
Display: 6.2-inch display
Camera: 1GB RAM has 8MP front camera + 13MP rear while 2GB RAM has 8MP Front + 13MP + 2MP rear Camera
For more visit Tecno Spark 3 Specifications and Price

Key Specs for Infinix S4 

4G: Yes
Display: 6.2-inch HD+
Camera: 13MP+8MP+2MP triple rear camera and 32MP front camera
Battery: 4000mAh

Keys Specs for itel P33 Plus

4G: No
Display: 6.0-inch
Camera: 8.0MP+0.8MP dual rear + 5MP Front Camera
Battery: 5000mAh

List of 9mobile Experience centers to Buy these Devices

If you want to purchase itel P33 plus, Tecno Spark 3 and infinix S4 smartphones to enjoy Free 1 YEAR Data bonus, check out the list which contain physical address in all the states in Nigeria.

Hilton Kiosk
Hilton Abuja

Ceddi Plaza
Ceddi Plaza, Plot 264, Tafawa Balewa way central business district, Abuja

TK South Bridge
Total filling station, Ahmadu Bello Stedium Round abaout, Kaduna
Kaduna, Kaduna,

TK Bauchi
Total Filling Station, No. 6 Yandoka road, behind D.H.L office.
Bauchi, Bauchi,

MINI 17 Funtua
Mini Mpos 17 ,first bank sokoto road funtua
Katsina, Katsina,

You can check out for your residing state address Here.

Another way 9mobile wants to appreciate the subscribers but a business Strategy anyway, so if you want the offer go for any of these devices above.

How to Activate 9mobile 1 YEAR Data Bonus

You are required to just text the pin to 8186 on your new device or you can as will dial *PIN*8186# on your 9mobile Sim inserted to these device and get the offer activated.

Enjoy free 1 YEAR Data bonus from 9mobile and experience fast internet speed especially if they support 4G network Connectivity, share this information with family and friends.

16 Malware Android Apps to Uninstall Now as Your Device is Under Risk

Yesterday was the breaking finale by a Researcher in conjunction with a Cybersecurity security Company who have detected a Malware attack known as "Agent Smith", these Malware has made itself a thorn in the Wares of Android Apps and Most of these apps are infected by a third party app store known as "9apps" and with this update it has brought into conclusion 16 Malware Android apps to uninstall right now if you have eventually or in any way install them as your device is under Risk because these apps are malware are reportedly hidden in WhatsApp which Transfer to other apps or you may have install them through the third party apps store mention above.

Malware are dangerous for the healthy being of the performance of our Android device and among the damages cause is that it secretly steals your Private data by intruding into your privacy and granting unknown and unauthorized permission to some of your vulnerable installed apps and according to reports it is stated that over 25 million Android users have been affected.

See Also: Over 20 Million Apps With Malware Hidden in WhatsApp, See Solutions - July Update 

In other way, 25 million users have installed 16 Malware Android apps which contain or have been affected by Agent Smith Malware and half of these users are based in India while countries like United States of America and the United Kingdom takes part in the Unfortunate outbreak of these Malware. Be alert that if you have install any of these Android apps, you need to uninstall right away and also You can as well perform a full scan to check for malware.

Device at Risk: Android Apps with Alan Smith Malware to uninstall [Google Update]


3. Send "WAXLOADED" to 40404 as SMS for text message updates.