MTN, Airtel, Etisalat, Glo Cheapest Data Plan For July, 2016

We will be discussing and reviewing the most affordable
and cheapest data packages on MTN,
Etisalat, Airtel and Glo available as of July 2016 .
This article will be updated frequently to include any new
cheap data plan that comes in any time.

A smartphone without internet or data is like an ordinary
torchlight phone that is why most smartphone users try
everything possible in other to have an active internet data
service in their devices. Without data, there is nothing like
facebooking, twitting, using whatsapp, Instagram, BBM,
telegram or surfing the Internet for information like you are
doing right now. This is how important Internet data is to us

You need a lot of information to climb above your peers in
this our generation and the easiest way to get these
information is via the Internet which is filled with any
information you can imagine of. A good use of the internet
can change your whole life for the better.
However, most users wish to have a lot of data (MB) on
their mobile phones and PC but due to the high cost of
subscribing to data packages in Nigeria, some people withdraw
and start managing the meagre 10mb allocated to every
recharge of N100 which is mostly used for chatting because it
is too small for browsing. Many Nigerians are still
complaining of the expensive nature of data subscriptions in
the country when compared to other countries but it seems
both the network providers and Nigeria Communication
Commission (NCC) haven't heard the yarn of the masses.
Having said that, there are still affordable data
plans on various networks in Nigeria including MTN,
Airtel, Glo and Etisalat that can suite your need, whether you
are a heavy downloader or a fair internet user. Remember
that these plans are official. Some people prefer the official
data plans in other to run away from the hassles of
Though tweaking gives you the most affordable and free
browsing tricks to browse on your devices but not everyone is
comfortable with that. So this article can guide you to make
a better selection when it comes to data subscription and
packages. Follow me along as i show you these
cheapest MTN, Etisalat, Glo, Airtel data
plans for 2016 .


Daily Unlimited Data Plan:
Do you know that you can brows and download unlimited on
your MTN line with just N150? I recommend this plan for
heavy downloaders and internet users like me. I recently tried
this package on my main MTN line but it wasn't eligible so i
used my second line and it was successful. I used up to
7GB in just 5 hours because the MTN network in my
location is cool. The data is unlimited and valid for 24 hours,
after which you will be deactivated.
How will i activate MTN Unlimited daily data plan?
To subscribe to this plan, load your MTN line with N150 and dial *567*59# . This package works
on all smartphones, PC and iOS.
Unfortunately, it selects SIM, that is to say not all MTN
SIM cards are eligible for this package.
MTN Surprise Data Plans
These two data packages were recently introduced by MTN
and it offers more affordable data than the previous
packages. In fact, these plans is a thorn on the flesh of data
resellers who use to sell 1gb for N800. Now you get more
cheaper data officially from MTN direct.
How will i subscribe for MTN surprise data plans?

To subscribe to MTN 1.3GB for N1,000. Send 106 to
To subscribe to MTN 3.75GB for N2,000: Send 110 to
131 and it will be activated
See more information about it here
These plans can be used on all devices including android,
windows mobile, iOS Symbian, PC etc.

At the moment, MTN BBLITED is not working at all but
hopefully i will publish a fix for it soon. BBLITED allows you
to use MTN BIS plan on android devices.

Other Newly Launched Affordable MTN
Data Packages, Subscription Code And
==> MTN 50MB That used to cost N200 before now goes
for N100, to subscribe text 104 to 131

==> The 750MB that used to cost as high as N2000 now
costs only N500 , to subscribe for this, text 103 to

==> MTN have now upgraded the 260MB that used to cost
N1000 to 1.3GB at the same price. To subscribe, text
106 to 131

==> They also upgraded the 750MB that used to cost
N2000 before to 3.75GB at the same price. To subscribe to
this, simple text 110 to 131
MTN 10GB for N5,000 (Valid for 30 Days) SMS 116 to

MTN 22GB for N10,000 (Valid for 30 days) SMS 117 to
Data Plan For All Mifi Users (3Months)

MTN 50GB For N20,000 (Valid for 3Months) SMS 118 to

MTN 85GB For N50,000 (Valid for 3Months) SMS 133 to

MTN 1.5GB Data Plan:
This data package was secretly introduced by MTN without
public notice and i see it as an even better option to the
1.3GB plan.

How To Subscribe MTN 1.5GB Data
Plan For N1000
==> First of all, load your MTN line with N1000 airtime

==> After recharging, simply dial *131# and follow the
onscreen direction

==> Once you dial *131#, reply with 1 to buy data, and
then reply with 3 for monthly data and finally reply with 1 to
get the 1.5GB data.

Read more about MTN 1.5GB Data Plan

MTN 500MB Night Data Plan For 25 Naira

This data plan was launched by MTN recently and it is a plan
that lets MTN subscribers to enjoy 500MB worth of data
with just N25 in your airtime.
How Do I Subscribe/Activate The MTN
midnight Plan for N25?
=> Your MTN line must be on the MTN Pulse tariff plan,
but if you are not sure of the plan you are already on,
simply dial *123# to confirm which plan you are on or
just dial *406# to migrate to MTN Pulse plan.

=> Make sure you have at least N30 airtime in your

=> Send Night to 131 via text message

=> You will receive an activation message that goes like

"Dear Customer, you have successfully subscribed to Free
Night Browsing between 00:00 and 04:00. N25 has been
deducted from your account. Enjoy!"

=> Now you are all set to brows and download from 12
am, to 4am in the night with the 500MB.

MTN 7gb for 2000 naira
This is the latest of it, all you need to do is to
>> Load your sim with 2000naira
>> send 2016 to 131 in a text message and you will be Given 7gb


Airtel is one of the friendly networks for Internet users. No
surprise they go by the nickname "the smartphone network".
Airtel network is very strong in many locations of the
country and they offer some of the cheapest data packages
for any device but the major drawback to airtel data plans is
how their data is been zapped. In fact, they deduct data twice
the normal way it should be deducted. But now there are
airtel plans that doesn't zap data. Follow me along.
I will show you one secret. If you are a new airtel
subscriber, i will advice you to go for “Welcome to Airtel
plan” which gives you 4GB for N1,500 + 2600 extra credit. See more information about this here
Airtel Unlimited Night Plan:
Unfortunately, Airtel Stopped This Package On 6th May, 2016. We still Hope it comes back.
This is another official unlimited data package that will serve
you really good if you download a lot of movies, games etc.
It is totally unlimited with no worries for speed throttling
issues. Its best suited in areas with very strong airtel network
to massively enjoy and gain from it. You can as well call it
timely base data plan.
How to Subscribe to Airtel Night data Plan

==> For 1hour plan, dial *481*1# and it cost N100
==> For 3hours plan, dial *481*2# and it cost N300

==> For 6hour plan, dial *481*3# and it cost N500.
This data night plans works on all devices, Java phones,
Symbian, Android, iPad, iPad, PC with no special settings.

Airtel 1GB for N1,000:
This plan is not that cheap but still considerable.
To subscribe for airtel 1GB data plan, dial *496# it is valid
for 30 days.
Airtel Blackberry Plan
I am sure that you are aware that airtel 3gb data plan that
goes for N1500 zaps a lot especially when being used on
android devices or PC. This is while am suggesting this
particular airtel 3gb for just N1000 airtel BIS Plan which
can be used on android devices without the zapping experience
again as long as your IMEI is changed to that of
BlackBerry 10 imei. See more details about it on this post
how to use airtel 3gb BIS plan on android and PC
Airtel 750MB for N500 Data Plan
Airtel introduced this data plan that offers subscribers
750MB for 500 Naira just like MTN 750MB data plan but
in this airtel case, it is valid for just 14 days while that of
MTN valid for one month.

To subscribe for this data plan,
✔ Recharge upto 500 naira on your Airtel sim
✔ Dial *418#.
✔ You can check your data balance by simply dialing

Airtel WTF Data Plan For Unlimited
This data plan is meant for social media applications but you
can use it with opera mini if you change your phone APN to
the one i will give you below.
How Can I Subscribe To Airtel WTF Bundle?
=> To get the bundle plan for one month,
dial *990# for just N200.

=> And to get the bundle for one week ,
dial *991# for just N100

To check your data balance, dial *990*0#

How To Browse Unlimited On The
Internet With It

As i told you earlier, you can browse with this plan which is
only meant for social media but the trick is changing your
airtel APN to the right one and use Opera Mini to
brows as it doesn't work on UC browser. Am still trying to
see how to use it on PC and maybe use it to power all
applications using VPN apps like Psiphon and Netloop.
Use this airtel APN –

Airtel 2GB For #200 And 6GB For #500
2g Network Data Plan
This data plans were intruduced by airtel to accomodate all
categories of phone users even those in the village where
there is no 3g network.The only drawback to this cheap data
plan is that it only works on 2g network.

How To Activate/Subscribe For Airtel
4gb For #500 Data Plan
To get airtel 4GB data for N500, Dial *483#.
It lasts for 28 days
How To Activate/Subscribe For Airtel
2GB For #200 Data Plan
To subscribe for Airtel 2GB for #200, dial *482# and it
lasts for 14 days.
Also, Airtel has introduced their night browsing just like MTN
To subscribe for this package dial
*312# to migrate to smart trybe and after a successful migration dial *312# and you will be provided with different options just reply with 3
#25 goes for 500mb - from 12am-5am
#50 goes for 1.5gb- from 12am-5am



Latest Glo Data Plans, Price,
Subscription Code And Validity Period
1. N1000 = 2GB valid for 30 days
2. N2000 = 6GB valid for 30 days
3. N2500 = 10GB valid for 30 days
4. N3000 = 12GB valid for 30 days
5. N4000 = 18GB valid for 30 days
6. N5000 = 24GB valid for 30 days
7. N8000 = 48GB valid for 30 days
To subscribe for any of the above plans, dial *777# and
select your preferred data plan from the screen instructions.
Glo Night Plans
Just like airtel, glo also have night plans but unfortunately,
the data plans are capped unlike in airtel where it is unlimited.
Glo 1GB for N200 (12am – 5am)
Glo 3GB for N500 for Sat and Sun + 7 Nights
To Subscribe For Glo Night and Weekend Plans
Just dial *777# and follow the prompt [Data Services
» Buy Data » Night and Weekend plans], then select 1 for
Night plan or 2 for weekend plan.
Glo Blackberry Plan:
Its so sad, Glo Blackberry plan has been reduced to 3GB
For N1,400 and N1,500 respectively. The N1400 plan zaps
a lot while that of N1500 is charged at normal rate.

How To Subscribe For Any Glo Blackberry Plan;
Dial *777*21# For 3GB For N1,400
Dial *777*23# For N1,500 or dial *777# and
follow the prompt respectively. It works on BB10 and Android
who’s IMEI has been tweaked.
Glo 1.5GB Data Plan
Glo N1,000 for 1.5GB: Dial *777# and follow the
prompt. No strange settings required..


Etisalat revisited their data plans just two days after MTN
published their new data plans and i will show you all the
new etisalat data bundles for your to choose from. Although
their data packages are still a little bit more expensive than
what MTN is offering at the moment but it is way cheaper
than what we used to get before now. These data bundles
works on all devices including android and windows
Below are etisalat data bundles...
Etisalat Data Plans and Subscription

1.5GB for N1000, dial *229*2*7#
3.5GB for N2,000 dial *229*2*8#
5GB for N6,500 dial *229*2*3#
8GB for N8000 dial *229*2*5#
10GB for N10,000 dial *229*2*5#
No strange settings required.
It works on all devices and no speed throttling.
Though for those that prefer tweaking, you can use Etisalat
socialme which gives you unlimited data package for just
N500 valid for one month.
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