Get Inspired: A lesson from a plate of spaghetti

Great readers of waxloaded, this piece of article is to gear you up as your having a nice day wherever you are all over the world reading this. What is your attitude about life? Let's divert a little, Read Along and  Get inspired.

So it happened that I woke up on d wrong side of d bed, woke up kinda unhappy and a bit cranky. Like on most days, I couldn't figure what to eat for breakfast, no appetite at all, twas almost noon so I was worried, but then, spaghettipoped up, yea, I will like to eat spag, within a few sec I had pictured exactly how I wanted it, and then, I became really hungry. So I decided to go buy one. Got to the place I bought such stuff from, no one was home, proceeded to another place, they didn't have, to the third place, no one was there too.

Oh no! You need to see me, I was so sad and depressed, different thoughts kept coming to my head and I was processing them. I just wanted to eat spaghetti badly and I was so sad I couldn't buy one, then I started remembering many times I have badly wanted to get something and I couldn't get it only to settle for less. That was exactly what was happening cause I have to settle for may be rice or noodles, both food I love but spag I desired at that moment. Memories of past and recent failures and disappointment began to creep in and I was so close to tears.

Then out of no where, something seemed to light up in me and out of it a question arose "is it that up can't get want you wanted or you just can't go the extra mile to get it?" Then I began to really think, if I really want to eat spag, what will it cost me? A lil more effort? A little more distance of trek?

Here is my great lesson, I was used to going to some places to get some things i want to buy, sowhen I couldn't get in those places, I gave up, feeling sorry for myself, perhaps, God doesn't want me to eat spaghetti and tomato sauce, yea, that was how I wanted it. But no, my problem had nothing to do with God, it was all about my limited and restricted mentality, settling for less cause I couldn't think outside the box, outside what I was used to.

Sometimes, if we really want something, we need to be ready not just to walk the mile but go the extra mile.Some situations may request we do more, we take more, we give up more, but if we are sure that's what we want, then whatever we do we be worth it. Do we have to break the law? Nope, but our own self imposed rules and restrictions, maybe bend them a little, come out ofthe box and effect some change. We mustn't allow a few disappointments, make us give up on that which we desire, but it should be a tool to quickenus to restrategise. Tyra Banks once said something, if your mission is to get into a house,get in anyhow, door locked? Try the windows, nowindows? Try break the roof, that you can't do? Dig you way through, whatever happens, make sure you get in, don't stay on the corridor and think that's is the best you can get.
Was I able to buy my spaghetti? Yes! Went back home, then out again, guess what? First store I checked still didn't have ( a lady was like "we have noodles" but who want that?) But I was toodetermined to settle for less, went farther and I got what I wanted, and my boring breakfast which some of you would have rejected but which was what I earnestly desired was fulfilling and satisfying, worth all the stress.

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