How To Create A Whatsapp Invitation Link For Your Whatsapp Group

I know many of us has one or two whatsapp group the manage either for business purposes or for something else, but the main reasons why we create whatsapp groups is to add people to it and before we do that

 1. the persons number must be on our phone contact.

2. we have to pass the stress of going through our contact to add the person which could be annoying some times so because of this discouraging procedures i have decided to show you a new pattern on how to do away with the stress of adding people to your group manually, so the only stress you have to pass now is just to copy alink and send to any one you wish to be in your group.

Advantages And Disadvantages


 1. It makes it easier for people to join your whatsapp group.

2. It saves you the stress of adding people to your group manually.

3. It helps you have good numbers of  people in your whatsapp group.

4. It helps people to join your group even when you are not there.

5. You no more need admins to help you add people into you group.


1. When you remove someone from your group, the person can easily add him/her self back with your permeation.

2. You no more have 100% control of who join you group.

How Do I Create A Whatsapp Link For My Whats App Group First thing you have to do is to back your chats up

How to do that:
Go to settings
Go Chat
Tap on chat backup
Tap on BACK UP
then wait for it to finish up with the backup.
After that proceed in creating the whatsapp link

*.First download a Whatsapp called Wa Prime Whatsapp Here

*.Uninstall your current whatsapp

*.Install and lunch it the Wa Prime Whatsappyou downloaded.

*.Then go on with adding your number so that whatsapp will send your verification code (normal procedure to pass through when opening a whatsapp acount )

*.If you do not have a group you want to do that on, then create one

*.Go to the the group you want to create thelink for and tap on INFO

*.By tapping INFO it shows you your group full information with details of all member you have on it

*.Now click on ADD PARTICIPANT and you will see INVITE VIA LINK

*.Click on it

*.Now start sharing you whatsapp group link to people and the will successfully join yourgroup without you permitting them.Your Whatsapp link will be in this form

You are good to go.

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