Latest 0.0k Etisalat free browsing As at August Reloaded

This tweak is brought to you by waxloaded official, though is capped at 60-100mb depending on the sims. I have used three different sims on this and they are capped at 50mb, 60mb and 91mb respectively. During research some say with device Idchanger you can renew it immediately, check how by clicking here idchanger.
As tweakers we device various methods to flex it unlimited, waxloaded made researches to give you tips on how effective to enjoy it, so we suggested that if it didn't work using idchanger reinsert your sims after 5-6hours and change your proxy server as shown below.

So let's go on, it seems story is already getting much. Follow up below because is easy and simple to set up.

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After I have successfully founded this free browsing cheats, i was looking for a name to give it but I think this my title for it fit it.

So to get on kindly install vpns like Psiphon pro lite netify vpn, Zyphon, syphonshield, psiphon A+ or any other vpns you might call it or name it but so far is under this category of vpns.

So after successful downloading and installation, kindly launched the Psiphon vpn and insert this settings below and leave your apn settings at default. See the settings below;

Mark Remove port
Proxy type: Real host
Proxy server 1:
Real proxy type: HTTP or any others
Real proxy port: 80 or 8080

Then click on save. As shown below;

Proxy server 2:

Then click on OPTIONS and choose UNITED STATE/UNITED KINDOM then go to your MORE OPTIONS, kindly untick Connect through an HTTP Proxy. As shown below;

Then click on START at the bottom of your Psiphon and immediately, you will start blazing unlimitedly like me. See my connected screenshot below;

So you are successfully done! Start blazing!

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problem while trying to connect, kindly drop your questions, issues here below and we will resolve it within the twinkle of an eye and if it works for you, kindly share your experience below and also share this to your friends and families using the share button below 
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