Mtn Double Data Offer, Latest Working 0.0k Free Browsing Cheat Plus How to Tweak Imei Without Imei Analyzer Apk

In this time of economic recession you will agree with me that we all need cheap data plans even but not withstanding Glo data plans have been helpful and also Mtn double offer but after exhausting the plan we feel reluctant to sub again and think if surfing 'without money'. You can as well change your imei without getting to use mobile uncle or mtk engineering mode or as well so device doesn't support mediatek so your right here to know the solution to this.

Cheapest Data Plans And Free Browsing That Are Still Existing

If your looking for cheapest data plans i suggest you go for Glo by dialing *777# or check your account balance, you will be notify about some interesting offer you may like.

This is to let you know that etisalat free browsing is still working

Oya here are the details

  • Etisalat 0.0KB: This free browsing works without paying a dime and it is still in existence till date, you can download Blazeon from etisalat and surf. The most interesting thing is that, it works for all VPNs like tweakware, psiphon and other VPNs you know.

For tweakware;

Go to settings👉Bundle settings👉😸👉select Etisalat 0.0kb and connect.

For psiphon;

Mark remove port
Proxy type: Real host
Proxy server:
Proxy port: 80

Then connect.

  • Glo 0.0kb: It is still in existence even till date and many people use it for their daily browsing activities which is still working perfectly.
For tweakware;

Go to settings👉Bundle settings👉choose Glo 0.0kb and connect.
For better experience on Glo 0.0k use Glosecure as APN

For psiphon

Mark remove port
Proxy type: Real host
Proxy server:
Proxy port: 8080

Use this for your syphon shield settings

Then connect.
  • Phone bonus: This is still the bonus that MTN gives their customers for complete 6months and it is still working perfectly, if you could remember i once post about it but this is just an updated post do get your sims and tweak and which is called 100% data bonus and is blazing. If you buy 750MB for 500naira, you will be given 2GB, 2000naria for 6Gb and so on.
You will have to tweak an imei in order to receive a successful message that you are eligible. So this is the imei to tweak "356602075753080" and then you can then buy data plans by dialling *131# and immediately, it will be doubled.

How to get eligible without tweaking your IMEI;
  • By inserting your sim on smaller phones.
  • By rebooting your phone.
  • Sometimes by resetting your phone.
So with this method, you can buy any cheap data plans from MTN at very cheaper rate and it will be doubled for you immediately, you can then start surfing

How to tweak your imei without using IMEI analyzer application

You might want to analyze your imei without using Imei analyzer on any smartphone that can access the internet. See it below;

  • Click here and paste the 15digits imei in a box there.
  • Then off your data connection and you will see a larger box at the left side and a smaller box at the right side.

  • So you can now be changing the last digits at the left side and it will automatically be analyzing and given you the correct imei. 
  • Just copy the 15digits (at the right side and left side) then tweak it.
  • So you can now successfully analyze your imei without using imei analyzer App.                                  Enjoy. Please be inform that waxloaded is currently undergoing some site reconstruction for better user experience, we are still committed to serve you better with hottest free browsing and techs updates
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