New Prices Changes As Etisalat Increase The Cost Of Monthly Data Plans


Just when you taught they are doing a nice job and should be credited, they will wakeup over night and try to inflate the prize of data but they failed to realised some indecisive mistakes.. Etisalat has been known for their fast internet speed but their data subscription is too costly. A typical example is #200 for 1.2 GB (night plan) which is just to much but still we shouldn't complain much cos those who will buy will.

Etisalat recently increased thier monthly data plan prices, and that's so unlike "Etisalat". I vividly remembered those days people would say you-go for Etisalat modem because of their data range and it's price and also the stable network. But now, everything has change.
Etisalat N1,000 montly data plan that used to offer 1.5GB, now offers 1GB for that amount and that's not all. They've now even added N200 extra making it N1,200 for the 1.5GB Plan that used to be N,1000. This changes also includes all Monthly data plans, I mean everything is now increased "you pay-more to get what you used to pay less-for," and that's what is going-on.

Etisalat New Increased Monthly Data Plan Prices
You now get;
*. Get 500MB with N500.
*. 1GB with N1,000.
*. 1.2GB with N1,200.
*. 1GB + 500MB night plan = N1,000.
*. 2.5GB with N2,000.
*. 3.5GB with N2,500.
*. 2GB + 1.5GB night plan with N2000.
*. 5GB with N3,500.
*. 4.5GB + 2GB night plan with N3,500.
*. 11.5GB with N8,000.
*. 8GB + 8GB night plan with N8,000.
*. 15GB with N10,000.
*. 10GB + 12GB night plan with N10,000.
*. 27.5GB with N18,000.
*. 20GB + 22GB night plan with N18,000.

To subscribe to any of the listed Monthly data plans, dial *200#, reply with 3 and then 1, and from the options you may choose the plan that interest you.

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