Smartphones in Nigeria That Are Compatible With Glo 4GLTE Network

 Glo 4G LTE has caused alot of it's subscribers to ask question like, "why is it that Glo 4G-SIM doesn't connect with my 4G Smartphone," why is that? I recall when I told you that Glo 4GLte is of a different band which is not too suitable for some 4G smartphones and I decided to write about it so waxloaded readers can get inform if there are to purchase a phone for Glo 4G network.. Read About the band below.

Glo 4G Sim supports 4G LTE Band 28(700), and that means it can't be accessed on smartphones that offers more or less than that 4G Band. It's very frustrating, especially to 4G enthiusiast who went for the Glo sim and for the cheap 4G smartphones. Dissappionting! I know how it feels.

However, the only alternative now is opt-in for another Network 4G LTE or..., if you are an addicted Glo subscriber then you've to purchase a new 4G Band 28 (700) supported smartphone.

In this article, who've compiled a list of all Supported and compatitible smartphone devices for Glo 4G LTE Band 28(700)

List of Smartphones in Nigeria that are compatitible with GLO 4G LTE Band 28(700)

=> Alcatel Pop 4
=> Alcatel Pop 4S
=> LG G4
=> Lumia 950
=> HTC One A9s
=> HTC 10
=> HTC One S9
=> HTC Desire 10 Pro
=> Apple iPhone SE
=> Apple iPhone 7
=> Apple iPhone 7 Plus
=> Sony Xperia XZ
=> Oppo F1s
=> Samsung Galaxy S7
=> Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (stay away from this device).

Yes! Though, this might be the full list of "Glo 4G LTE" supported phones but this will go along way to help you know what's going on and which phones to go-for. And if you have got "any" that's to be added to this list, share it in the comment box. 

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