How To Detect A Private Number Calling You

You know how annoying it is when you receive a call from an unknown number and after a little conversation, then you asked the person to reveal his/her identity and the person will be like 'figure it out' and you will be more angrier when the person keeps using private number to keep beeping your line. Just like we are here in serving you better and teaching you new ideas daily, I will be revesllibg who the person calling you with a private number.. 

Do we all know how to hide our phone number? but in case you're new to this trick just dial #31#persons phone number, your network provider will hide your ID from network and place your call with the tag 'PRIVATE NUMBER

That's all but just apply the below code to know who is calling you with private number, you can check and see if it would work or not.
If You Want To Know The Person who called you,Then Dial *#30# Whenever They Call You Witha secret Private Number by clicking the call number tab.

After Ending The Call, You Will See The Person Name If The Caller Is Already On Your Phone Contact it will definately show you the contact name But If The Person Is Not On Your Phone Contact,
You Will Not See The Name just the number being displayed.

Then place a call back to the person hiding your number also and said your the one that called me with a private number, he will be shocked and dumbfounded not know your the real boss in it

Try it out, you can share this with your friends, let the also learn and know the tips..

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