How to Perform Or Force Restart iPhone X

There are some new Changes you need to be aware of to the new Apple iPhone X. Most ideal features of the New iPhone X doesn't end from Face ID for Unlocking and Also augmented Reality but the face is this, there is more of feature Apple made to the new iPhone X which makes it one of the Most Fascinating Device in the year 2017.

If You are an intending User of the Apple iPhone X or You are making use of the Boomerang of a device now, Note that Apple didn't make a home button to the new iPhone which means there is no way you could restart the device. But making use of Two keys can make you restart or hard reset iPhone X which is entirely different from the traditional old method from iPhone 6s

In this article, with the combination of keys. You could perform a hard rebooting or otherwise known as "Restarting" on your iPhone X. Now let's get to know what Button should be pressed Sequentially or still yet Simultaneously to perform a restart on iPhone X.

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How To Perform a Hard Rebooting or Restart iPhone X

Note: You are to press these buttons Sequentially (the first two buttons) to be mentioned below while the second button will follow.

✔ First you need to  Press Volume Up, then release it
✔ Secondly You need to Press Volume Down, then release it
✔ Follow by a Press and hold of the Power / Lock button on Simultaneously located at the right side of your iPhone X
✔ Hold the fore mentioned buttons above including Side  [Power + Lock + Side] buttons till You see an appearance of Apple logo appears on screen
of your iPhone X which takes some Seconds.

Don't Mistake pressing these buttons concurrently cos a screenshot will be taken or another Emergency home display will be shown which is not what you needed. Hope the Above steps is crystal clear on how to Perform Restart iPhone X.. Comment below to share an experience
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