See Features of Admin Super Power Coming Soon on WhatsApp

It is really nice the Way WhatsApp inc is trying to up the Games by Adding Many Features as possible on the official WhatsApp Messenger App. More like it we have seen and Know how to Share Location on WhatsApp Live and also we have seen how to Delete Messages on The messaging App which is added to the already existing features of Pin chats, Colorful text Status E.t.c. More like it another feature will be hitting WhatsApp so which as to do with Super Powers for 'Group Admins Only'

The Super Power Privilege will be given to only WhatsApp Group Admins to Undo and Redo Some certain task they want to on Groups only Created by Them. Let me show You some of the Admin Super powers Below.

How Does Admin Super Power Works?.

👉 Admin Super Powers:  Only the Group Creator is Save From not being Remove from the Group while other Sub-Admins can be remove at any time.
👉 Subject Modification: This is only Meant for certain participants. How? Well Admin can decide to choose if it could allow participant of the same Group they all are into to Change the Subject Modification like Name of the Group, Profile and Description of the Group. But Anyways Depend on what the admin want any if the privilege is not given to participants, You will only see the  that only admins can change the group information.

👉 Restriction in Groups By Admins: 
Just like Telegram Channel where you can only subscribe and gets update from the Administrators about what the channel is all about, WhatsApp is bring such similar update to it's app as Admins could be able to restrict who and what is send to the Group like Chats, Gif's Document, videos e.t.c and you will see a notification that  “only admin can send messages
to this group” which means You can be active in the group.

This is a nice idea too from WhatsApp and I think the way things are going now, it will be a one of the biggest hit of Social Media in the nearest future. Let keep up with exercising more patience as WhatsApp commence rolling out these features but Maybe in 2018. Great one WhatsApp
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