Download Latest GBwhatsApp V6.10 Apk for All Android With Exclusive Features

Another much expected update has been release for GBWhatsApp MOD for Android Device, You will agree with me that GbWhatsApp has been one of the Widely used MOD because of its Customizable features and loads of other features users love with more customizable themes of your preference. The previous version which was downloaded is GBwhatsapp V6.0 Apk which was release back last month and now more features have been added to the new version of GBMOD GbwhatsApp V6.10 Apk.

I recently have upgraded my GBwhatsApp and believing me this update is fantastic because there are loads of excited features that will blow your mind. After installing the update I first notice a network wifi symbol known ad DND Mode (the DND Mode help you to stop receiving Message and as well can't send message) and also the Group participant search feature for easy member search. We have seen previous update of "live location sharing" "revoke message" although there is still more upcoming update for GBwhatsApp because the pending Group Voice call is still in progress. Download and Enjoy the Latest version of GBwhatsApp V6.10 Apk for Android and Witness some of the recent beautiful features added couple with a customizable theme and more fun chatting with the Latest GB WhatsApp V6.10 Apk and of Cause working for both rooted and Non-Rooted Android Device.

What's New in Latest GBwhatsApp Version 6.10 Apk for All Android Device

✔ New Base Updated to 2.17.427
✔ All New Emojis Now Added
✔ Freshly and Exclusive DND Mode (Disable Internet only for WhatsApp) (Home Page - Header)
✔ New Added Option to Increase Video Limit in Status (Mod 5.6)
✔ Exclusive Added Ability to identify Admin Msg in Group (Besides Number)
✔ Exclusive Option to Change Fab Size (Mod 2.7.7)
✔ Exclusive Option to Change Fab Location/Position (Mod 2.7.8)
✔ New Enabled Change Number Notification
✔ New Enabled Clock Sticker
✔ Now Support and Enabled Group Info Settings (Will Work when Enabled from Server)
✔ New Added Option to Hide DND Mode Icon (mod 2.1.10) and Improved Dialer (Now you can Edit, Copy, Paste Numbers)
✔ New Added German Language Support
✔ Fixed Navigation Bar Color when Select any chat/message
✔ Fixed Mod 6.2 when Send/Receive More than 1 pic.
✔ Fixed Mod 6.11 for Android Oreo.
✔ Fixed Play Videos in some devices
✔ Fixed Crash when open Custom Privacy Chats
✔ Other Fixes...

Where can I Download the Latest GBWhatsApp V6.10 Apk

Get to download and install the latest GBwhatsApp V6.10 Apk for Your Android and Enjoy Loads of Exciting features and more
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