How to Enable HTTPS on Blogger without a Third Party Website in Just 1 Min

Http Means Hypertext Transfer Protocol and it is by default Enable on both Blogger Platform and Even WordPress platform, So Before Now it is only Easy and fast to activate HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) on Blogger for those using embedded in their URL and for Custom Domain, You will have to make You use of Cloudflare SSL certificate which is in various forms. Although you can activate the free Plan which is for Life and You can also Enable Premium Version like the Business Plan and So much More.

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Customs Domain can now Enable HTTPS on the Blogger Platform without using any third party website to activate SSL certificate which using other third party website make take you a whole lots of time and Energy and as well you may end up hiring if you don't know how to Do it All by Yourself Which I Have make a little reaseaech on and will teach you how to active Free HTTPS on Blogger platform with just few steps to be taken.

Well it will be simplified and straight forward thingy and very easy as well to carry out, it just a few clicks with few hours or at maximum a day processing for Google Search Engine to make it effective and you will end up seeing the effect on Google search engine result, so let's get Started!!

How to Enable HTTPS SSL Certificate on Blogger Platform

✔ Enter this address in your browser, instead of the normal usual way of

✔ Go to Seetings and You will notice the Https Availability option will be open to change From NO to YES 

✔ You will have to wait 12_hours to maximum a day for Google to process your Request which a Yellow notifications will still be in display.

✔ After it has been processed, The Yellow display notification will not be in display, then change Https Redirect from No to YEs and you are Good to Go.

Congratulations! You have successfully change from HTTP to HTTPS without Leaving the Blogger platform or without a third party app which is a very easy steps to follow and can be activated in just a minute after Google has successfully process the https Change availability request. Check out more of your post ranking top on Google once your content are a tense of Good write up. Enjoy!
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