How to Recall or Delete a Message on Facebook for Both Windows PC and Android

Facebook as one of the giant if not the giant social media of all time has the most engaging and the most intuitive communicate among peers or group. In one of my recent post about 5 Biggest engines on how to turn your subscribers to profitable customers, Facebook is one of my top 3 choices and you can as well see how dominate Facebook is to business, peers and organizations. Have you ever send a message and was like "what d'hell was I thinking to have send this? Well Facebook has not really opt their games in how users can Recall or delete Message(s) on Facebook for both Windows PC and Android. Many Facebook users have be yelling for this features to be released even have to contact the Facebook help desk but before now there was no positive response. Glad to tell you that this feature has been working for somewhile now which am going to revealed to you in this article.

Many Facebook users have tried to breached their privacy by installing a third party apps which is not good enough, because such act leads to their account under threat Haven release their login details to such apps which most average are hackers. You could remember this recall or delete feature is working perfectly on WhatsApp so now it is also official and you can delete such unsculptural  messages you won't like others to see to cover your A*s as such and tends to improved on past mistakes of not repeating such again. There are some embarrassing messaging that people send to peer or groups of peer which makes you emotionally down and will be like Gosh am gonna hang myself, I don't believe I send that but worries are over as you can delete or recall your messages on Facebook that can cause further embarrassment.

Tips: This is a top how you can quickly unsend a sent message on Facebook provide it within the range of 10 mins after been sent. So that how to quickly send it but nevertheless we want mark to visibly improve on this feature like in terms of WhatsApp media files when a media is been send but the sender can recall or delete the message which automatically being deleted on your Phone Gallery as well. Let go to the article proper and see how we can be able to recall a message on Facebook

Steps on How To Recall or Delete A Message(s) on Facebook Both on Windows PC & Android

In order to ensure this tricky tick off Recalling or deleting A message on Facebook works, ensure it is still under 10 mins after the message as been sent. It is for both using Facebook on browser or those who loves to use Facebook messenger but at the very end, both tricks will be giving you the exact outcome to delete a message on Facebook.


Using a PC or laptop so to write, these are the method you can use
(a) Open your Facebook account on a PC/laptop and go to Messages you want to Recall or delete

(b) Go to Chats and drag the mouse pointer to the 3 dots displayed on the screen

(c) Click on REMOVED

(d) A message will appear prompting you to choose between deleting a message for Everyone or Delete message for You.

Choose anyone that fits in what you want and click on Delete, then the message is Gone.


So for those using Android device, you tends to get what you want using the Facebook messenger, now this is how it works on it.

(a) Open Facebook messenger on your Android Device

(b) Open the Chat, Go to the exact messages you want to Delete and Remove it.

(c) A message will appear prompting you to choose between deleting a message for Everyone or Delete message for You.

Tap on any that suits your need and the message is deleted/Removed/Unsend.

Hope this article has been able to brief you on how to delete or recall a message on Facebook but we are still hoping for more from Facebook like getting a message deleted at any time even before or after it is seen because an embarrassing message is a digesting presentation of one self and can dent a image of someone and of course you know internet Nevers forget, Go get deleting all those embarrassing Messages on your Facebook account which works for both Windows PC and Android.

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