WhatsApp Ban: What is the cause and How to Avoid Been Banned on WhatsApp For Life

So many complains have been up in the air for for some days now, people are yelling and couldn't curtailed then recent massive Ban by WhatsApp inc. It is no longer news that WhatsApp are on top of their games this time and are seriously taking massive steps to avoid users using fake or third party app for WhatsApp. With What I have withness and see this past week, it is no jokes at all as WhatsApp is taking All legal action to stop the use of Modded WhatsApp like GBWhatsApp and others to mentioned a few, hence they are seriously taking the hook by the horn this time with A target of 2 Billion WhatsApp users who uses Modded WhatsApp on their Watchlist. People have been Asking What is the Cause of WhatSApp Ban and How to Avoid being Ban on WhatsApp for Life.

Why most people love to use Modded WhatsApp is that it's Gives an edge of the fun in chatting than the Official WhatsApp interms of Themes, customerization, editing, background images among others, I have virtually observe why people are really worked up of the recent WhatsApp Ban hence people are asking how can I be saved and What must I do not to be banned on WhatsApp either temporary or permanently but which ever way it may comes, this is What you need to know about the recent WhatsApp Ban

What is the Cause of WhatsApp Ban

It is official what's app don't What anymore of third party apps taking over their servers here they are curtailing the ways to reduce the impact of these apps on end users. What we the end users now need to know is that you should Avoid making changes to any Modded WhatsApp you might be using Now even When there is an upgrade please don't Update your WhatsApp not just Yet till these Banning is over or drastically reduced

How to Avoid Being Banned on WhatsApp for Life

For you not to fall into the traps of the banning rampage of WhatsApp, I will urge you not to either update a Modded WhatsApp you are using or Switch to another Modded WhatsApp all in the name of features you want to see when you are chatting, the best on how to avoid being Ban on WhatsApp and Enjoy WhatsApp for Life is by Switching to the official WhatsApp from any of the Modded WhatsApp you are using Now, like YoWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus +

Ensure you backup your Chats from any of the Modded WhatsApp

By going to settings>> chats>> Backup chats>> and tap on it before you finally uninstalled it and download the official WhatsApp.

Go to GbWhatsApp folders >> Backup >> You should see Chatsettingbackup then move it to official WhatsApp folder in Back before proceeding to synchronized it with your number and Retrieve your chats through backup

This way you have saved yourself from being banned on WhatsApp and you can continue using WhatsApp for Life without worrying of WhatsApp Ban
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