Download Gmail Notifier version 2.4 exe

Do you receive Hundreds of mails on your emails or you want to be notified whenever a mail is sent then you need a up-to-date Gmail notifier version 2.4 Exe on your Personal computer, what this notifier does is that it immediately notified as you received countless of mails on your email or it also manages your emails if you have more than one Emails on your PC thereby notifying you of the most recently mails you received.
Download Gmail Notifier version 2.4 exe

Generally, Gmail Notifier is all about managing your Google Mails and allows you to get notifications instantly from the taskbar of your personal computer (PC) windows. More than 25000 users access the Gmail notifier across the world, a free tool that helps you to get notified and can work for more than one Account. Below are some of the features of Gmail notifier version 2.4 exe

Features of Gmail notifier version 2.4 exe

1. Fetches unread emails: if you have one or more emails, with Gmail notifier you get to receive counters of mails as they are sent to you in minutes.

2. Sound for notification: it provides notification sound alert for your sent and unread emails to inform you that a new mail has been sent.

3. Fast and Easy Email login: with Gmail notifier you can be able to access your account very fast and easily get to read your mails all with just few taps away.

4. Support multiple Account: Gmail notifier help you to manage your multiple Account as you don't need to worry about which of your numerous emails has received a new newsletter.

5. Support for Google Apps: Along with other features of Gmail notifier, its support Google Apps like YouTube App, Store, consoles e.t.c

6. Auto update version: You also get to be notified about the latest version of Gmail notifier as it brings out required update alert from time to time

7. SPY and SPAM free: Gmail notifier does not in any way interfere with your privacy and it is also spam free.

8. Attachment indicator: it shows you where you can be able to add an attachment whenever you are required to in your mail.

9. Support Multiple language: you can change language to Deutsch, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, polish, Korean e.t.c

>> Support 32bits and 64bits of Windows XP
>> File Size: 854kb
>> Windows 7/8/8.1/10

How to Configure
Gmail Notifier version 2.4 is easy to Configure, just download with the link provided and run as adminstrator to continue the setup.

Gmail notifier runs in the background and help you with the notification of recent messages you receive by notifying you, the open source app sit in the systray permitting you to check them quickly, it also sync your data giving you your Gmail info and allowing up-to-date of emails. It's shows you the stats of all your unread messages and for easier and faster way to check your emails is by clicking on the systray to check access them. Nevertheless with all mentioned above if you want to stop receiving alerts from Gmail notifier, you can disable all notification to Have some spare time for other assignments.

Where to Download Gmail notifier version 2.4 exe

Get the latest version of Gmail notifier exe HERE, You can also comment below if you have a question that would ease you to perfectly use Gmail notifier for your Personal computer

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