How to Avoid Been Ban on WhatsApp - Lesson 2

If you are is not be careful or you want to be gullible as others who have been Ban by WhatsApp, you may need to apply caution when you are using any of the Modded WhatsApp. On this blog, I shared an eye opening update about WhatsApp Ban, What is the cause and How to Avoid Been Banned on WhatsApp For Life but if you have not read this article it's better you should take a roll back and see for yourself on how to avoid been Ban in other not to be caught in the Web. So to those who uses Modded WhatsApp should always take into cognisance of what am about to share.

If you are a business oriented individual you know how WhatsApp can help you strive in promoting your business but you may never have thought of Been Ban on WhatsApp which may keeps you out of business except you make use of another number apart from your business line. WhatsApp have made it more easier for Business owner to Download and use the Official Business WhatsApp for their day to day business activities but not everyone make use of it.

Someone had to be caught in the Web and his number was very important to him which was Ban by WhatsApp, his negligence cost him dearly which he shared his experience on Why WhatsApp had to hit the hammer by banning him but with the help of support, he Was unbanned, here is what he shared..

Avoid WhatsApp Ban - Lesson 2

1. So far you could be able to abide by these tip there is no issue of WhatsApp Ban but Avoid the practice of Verifying your Number over and over Again either on a particular mod or different Mods of WhatsApp.

2. Avoid the practice of getting people unaware by your messages or spam because if some specific numbers of WhatsApp user report you as SPAM, You will be Ban.

3. Avoid switching to different Mods on WhatsApp like switching from GBwhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus or From YoWhatsApp to FmWhatsApp or Visa vis

4. Avoid Forwarding Messages to People, do not send forward Message to more than 5 WhatsApp users at a time and likewise uploading status of more that 30 seconds on Modded WhatsApp.

These are the extra tips Waxloaded Blog to you to Avoid been Ban on WhatsApp (lesson 2), follow these tips and enjoy WhatsApp for Life, if you need to request or ask a question, do drop them in the comment section below.
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