Your Android Phone Have Virus [How do you Know]

You need to be very cautious when it's comes to operating and maintaining an Android phone because so many are unaware that even browsing and downloading from unsecured sites, Files transfer from folks and peer friends from their device to your device can attract virus Attack. Where technology comes will give you some vibrant tips and safety precautions on How do you know when your Android Device have virus and of course in our subsequent bulletin post we will dish out the ways to eliminate or flush them out either on your Android device, iPhone or iPad and other handheld gadgets you have.

Your Android Phone has virus - See How

Vulnerable to have virus, smartphones are the most found personal device in the world, people uses for their up to day activities and everyone tends to have a smartphone he or she uses. Coworkers, individual, Small retail business, large scale organization uses smartphones atimes to carry out their business transactions.  You can use your Android phone to do amazing things like phone calls, texts, chatting, Browsing, Games, music's even do some graphics works with so third party apps. You know sometimes are unpredictable even if you have placed your $100 bet on it that it's shouldn't have because you where extra careful, all manufacturers of smartphones tends to dish out the best at a targeted price and so they work out all security updates for such Device but you never know some virus are so stubborn that you can't just do away with till you find yourself to get solutions.

Your Android Phone is Virus Affected - 5 Ways To know

You get worried when you noticed your Android Phone has be malfunctioning the way you can't even explain, these are big wary sign that your Android Phone has have been Affected by Virus. There are some sign you will begin to notice if you are very observant and conversant with the way your Android Phone operates, i am going to pull every trigger on how you can know if your phone has virus, moreover there is a wise saying, when you know where your legs pinches you then you know who to stop it and same applied here so when you are use your Android Phone has been Affected by Virus then you can know what to do to fix it.

1 – Suddenly pop-ups of an unexpected Ads

Have you ever notice you are just about doing somethings which doesn't even require internet but you are faced with Ads pop up like when you are a send an SMS even tho it's doesn't require using internet but due to the fact that you are connected to the internet you then suddenly begin to see pop up from no where, this is a bitter sign as your Android Phone may have been Affected by Virus. Some of these advertisement are from your apps or some website you browse like Adchoices. Get this clear, the ads company mentioned is very good advertisement company but you need to be careful as some require you to click on them and as soon as you do so, your Android phone will be infected by the deadly virus, there are proven ways to stop these with some third party apps which has proven working.

2 – Rise in the storage memory capacity

Android Phone users can be as well surprised how this can be possible but it is possible because you know you still have some spaces left on your memory (ROM)  or MicroSD card but due to virus which have Affected your smartphone, you will begin to notice Rise in the storage memory capacity. This signifies that your Android Phone has been Affected by Virus as you know sudden increment in your storage space without the Use of it for downloading is a mess to curtailed with and need to be Fix ASAP.

3 – Your Battery Drains very Fast

This is a common phenomenal on Android Device with low battery capacity but when you have a device using at least 5000mAh and you are witnessing a massive drop in the battery voltage after you have fully charge it then you should know your Android Phone has been Affected by Virus, keeping or using a lot of apps on your device could be dangerous at times you know you don't even use an app then there is no reason for you keeping it on your phone. This will continue to be persistent if not checkmated and don't assume that your battery should be draining that way, find the cause and then there will be some profound solution to such cause.

4 – Overheating of phone

Some virus are very dangerous to your Android Phone and you need to be careful with you are not anonymously online because when a device has been Affected by Virus then another common notable symptom is that you begin to notice high overheating of your Android Phone and these virus work in a way that they operates in the background and could have we'll be used by hackers to steal vital information on your Android Phone.

5 – RAM memory not clearing

Don't assume everything is fine the moment you notice that your RAM cache memory is not clearing because this is a bad signal and you need to check it vividly. The virus hold onto the memory stored in the RAM,  it doesn't make you to open any other app because it's freedom has been trenched upon. The function or the ability of the RAM is NULL because it doesn't permit you to do any other thing so you need to be very observant if you begin to notice all of these.


There are many other things that could lead to Virus Affecting Your Android Phone but when you have notice and identify all of these, it is easier fixed because you have known the root cause of the problem. There are some things to help you detect virus in your Android Phone but how do you know it? The guides has been Stretch to you above although these are just the pheripherals of it, solution people do commonly use is that they get to install antivirus in their device but this may not work and the app will just be occupying space for no reason, best of it is to wipe or flash out the entire system software or factory reset.

If there are any other means you know and want us to know as well why an Android Phone has been Affected and Ways to know them, you can comment below to enlighten us more.

Brief Explanation of What Android Phone virus can cause

Ways  to know if Android Phone has been Affected by Virus
1.Suddenly pop-ups of an unexpected Ads
2. Rise in the storage memory capacity
3. Your Battery Drains very Fast
4 Overheating of phone
5  RAM memory not clearing
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