3 methods to convert videos to portrait or landscape for android

There is no better way if you are not in control of what you want to do and how you want it, Android has make it more easier for us to make our choice of wants and need if any of the cases arrive. Moreso other things are being put into consideration and that why people tends to work toward achieving such things oh okay in essence what am a trying to butress in here? Well it's just few things you might know but others who uses Android Device don't and vice versa. You make a video yourself in public meetings, events, social gathering, religious organization and other places but the video is in portrait which you want to convert to Landscape or Landscape which you want to convert to portrait, then here is what to do it achive that.
Convert videos from Portrait or Landscape for Android

If you take a video and the orientation have been taken wrongly like you take a landscape (horizontal) video instead of portrait (vertical) or vice versa, it has been problem to you especially if you want to share this video to friends and family and you want them to easily and conveniently watch your video without noticing if you have taken the video orientation wrongly then this article will help you and likewise there are some third party apps that helps in this course so it it pretty much easier to do so you can easily convert any video to either portrait or Landscape.

The first method that will be revealed is based on a popular third party apps own by the mighty Google himself while the subsequent methods is based on your Android settings which are being used based on how you are able to set it. Let take a look at these methods and how you can be able to implement this.

Method 1: Convert Portrait or Landscape video [Android]

With this method you can be rest assured that you will be able to convert any of your videos from portrait to landscape or landscape to portrait.

Step 1: 

Download the third party app which helps you to achieve this known as Google Photos

Step 2:

Launch and open Google photos app and select the particular video to convert

Step 3

After selecting the video, beneath is the ROTATE option which convert a portrait video to landscape or Landscape video to portrait
Convert videos from Portrait or Landscape for Android

Step 4: You will notice a rotation immediately you tap on the rotation button 

Step 5

After rotating the Video to either the portrait orientation or landscape orientation then Tap the SAVE button.
Convert videos from Portrait or Landscape for Android

By doing this you have successfully convert videos from portrait to landscape or vis versa.

Method 2: Convert Landscape or Portrait videos via Android settings

This second method is done via Android Settings, no use of a third party apps or special settings, varies based on your Android OS.

Step 1

Go to Android settings and in the look up menu find some options 
Convert videos from Portrait or Landscape for Android

Step 2

Select Accessibility from the Menu Option 
Convert videos from Portrait or Landscape for Android

Step 3

Choose Auto Rotate Screen by either ON/OFF option or toggling the button to make the change.
Convert videos from Portrait or Landscape for Android

Step 4

Some Android video players take effect of this settings and these apps include vlc for Android, MX player to mention a few. 

That all you need regarding Android settings for converting portrait to landscape or vis versa without using a third party app.

Method 3: Convert videos to Portrait or Landscape on Samsung, xiaomi and others

This is most simplest of all the methods, if you are to choose portrait video or landscape video when converting and this works straight from the notification bar 

Step 1

Swipe down the notification bar: these are shortcuts to some prompt settings without the need for navigation.

Step 2

For Samsung device you will notice an Auto Rotate button or xiaomi an embedded Rotate button is located in the notification bar

Step 3

Tap on the auto Rotate button for Samsung or rotate button for xiaomi and other device you wish to implement this on, this changes the orientation of your phone from either portrait to landscape or vis versa and this option turns blue when toggle on.

Step 4

To change your video to portrait or landscape the change the orientation of your phone when swipe horizontal or vertical to change the video to portrait or landscape likewise other activities on the phone will be affected.

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That all you need to do in implementing this which helps you to convert your portrait videos to landscape or vice versa, gat something new to share with us, Don't hestitate to drop your comments.

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