Download Cyber Hunter Battle Royale Apk+Data for Android

You will be addicted to this Game when you show interest in it as Cyber Hunter Battle Royale has come to stay and likewise just like PUBG (Player Battleground unknown) it is a next generation mobile Game  with cool story lines of the future, explore skills, shooting and other different elementary like surviving the rigorous battle include ling parkour. Every one fight against all odds, the new stands to fight against the olds, forces likewise clashes with radicalism, justice will be faced against evils, time tickles after interference with technology will is highly advanced and evolutionary leap has human civilization which marks the beginning of Great events as they are unfolding gradually. Get to download and enjoy Cyber Hunter Battle Royale Apk + Data for your Android Device and experience the magical powers of every Specie that revolutionize.
Cyber Hunter Battle Royale Apk+Data
Cyber Hunter Battle Royale

The quantum droids is used by heroes and heroines in the virtual world which mount into a powerful super powers and there also support the quantum cube energy transformed into tactical supporting device. In Cyber Hunter you can choose the skills and set powers you want to face the the enemies  and strategic formation for any battle, a detector embedded to alert you of approaching enemies you have the ability to develop and bud anything in anywhere  from optical camouflage to quantum barriers.

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The parkour features are rolling, climbing, gliding as player can experience a vertical combat for vertical concept battles in different scenarios like in damps or swampy areas, deserts or mountains. Creation of exploration points scattered throughout the universe, hostility in your battles are not that huge or a flat map but this is where you can make a flight in the sky or your move flows underground.  There is a supportive gloves to help you in your climbing skills and speed, explore temples in unfamiliar places like desert,  you are also faced with task of find E-cores for new weapons and skills.
Cyber Hunter Battle Royale Apk+Data

Cyber Hunter Battle Royale Apk+Data

Features of Cyber Hunter Battle Royale V0.100.130 for Android

1. Powerful Skills: With the quantum energy, you can unleashed every skills and launch attack on the enemies at full speed, no mercy.

2. Tame Detector: with the detector, you will alerted of an incoming enemy and also get to know some direction to face in dealing with the enemies at the fastest possible means.

3. Pankour Features: Depending on the terrain you may find your self, you have the ability to climb, roll, glide in vertical battles

4. Maps: Maps are like a direction to give you the position you are to the destination you are Going, in Cyber Hunter you get to face so many uphills but the maps will be a hint to Guide you always.

5. Destructive Weapon: in Cyber Hunter you get to choose among the various weapons at your disposal to help you fight the enemies in the battle field.

Lapses You may Encounter
This is just another version of Cyber Hunter Battle Royale Version 0.100.130 which is subject to improvement as Gamer may be faced with challenges when playing this Game, it is a beginning of more to come and more quality will be added by the Developer. Don't hesitate to contact the develop in areas you felt the game need more improvement, your suggestion and ideas are welcome .

Where to Download Cyber Hunter Battle Royale V0.100.130 Apk + Data For Android

Get to download this Game from Here (1.2GB) Apk+Data

More About Cyber Hunter
Version: 0.100.130
Mode: Online
Os: Android 4.0+
Storage; 1GB
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