Facebook to use WhatsApp as a means of Verification of codes - Learn More

Will you love to see a new update where you can verify or receive confirmation codes with WhatsApp Messenger for apps and website? Facebook is about to initiate this as Developers will now be able to verify it's users over Phone SMS.
WhatsApp use for verification of codes

This is a new Welcome development by Facebook if fully implemented, it's an easy way to get rid of phone SMS because it's getting tedious verify over a network. 2fa (two factor authentication) is a way to add extra protection layer to an app or website to avoid suspicious activities or bot taking over a site or an app. As a progressive means to ensure the safety of users of either an app or website which uses Username and Password, the 2FA will have to confirm a trusted phone number and Device over it's server.

The security measures is a means to ensure the security of a user account over the server and also when using an app but atimes this could be fustrating as users will be left stranded if it's fails to authenticate over it's server, you could imagine how Google Works effortlessly when it's Comes to Verification because they take it more seriously than you think but things might not just work the way you want it, like I was try to verify my Google account but due to glitch or server error for that particular time I couldn't so WhatsApp can come into play here to receive verification codes for 2FA authentication.

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With this update Facebook is about to fully launched, you can now receive verification codes over Phone SMS with WhatsApp. Facebook the sole owner of the messaging app will now allow every users to use WhatsApp as a 2FA authentication for verification of codes.

Press release by Calvin Mak says
WhatsApp use for verification of codes

We're releasing the SDK to integrate WhatsApp verification into Account Kit for iOS and Android. Developers can now give people the option to use WhatsApp to send verification codes as an alternative to SMS for phone number login. This has been available on the web SDK since late 2018. Account Kit helps you grow your app or website by giving people a choice to sign in with their phone number or email address without the need for a password.

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It's now much more easier, Facebook want every developer to intrucate the Android SDK for Android Kit in integration of whatsApp as a method of SMS verification an alternative to phone verification. With this it reduce the pressure on internet service provider (isp) could also be an alternative solution for Phone SMS verification.

What do you suggest of this update, will it be better to use WhatsApp as a means of Verification of codes over phone SMS for apps and website? Your thoughts!!!
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