Google New Update Now Auto-Delete Location History and Activity Data

Your Google Account helps you to get personalized search and result, helps you to manage your data. When you search for latest news or a quick means to your route via Maps, Google has assure to make it's helpful for everyone by just turning on Location History or your web activity, you have therefore allow Google to choose your oreferpref in searches and website you visit, picking a word or keywords Google helps you to make more relevant searches to your querry with your previous searches and also your location History on. Whatever and whichever site you visit, your Data is secured but the new update is Google have heard some many feedbacks and have set to Auto-Delete Location History and Web Activity periodically.

With your Google account, you can set your Auto-Delete controls by keeping it till you automatically delete it, keeping it for 3 months then delete or keep it for 18 months before you delete it. This is simply done by toggling on/off the control for either the location History or web app activity. Here below is how it's done
Auto-Delete for Location History and Web app activity

This Google update is only applies to Location History or Web app activity which others like YouTube History, searches preference will be roll out in the coming days

With Google your Privacy and Data is secured, you can take charge and manage your data in the best possible way.

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