How to Easily Disable or Bypass Android pattern using Adb via PC

Getting Stock out of your own device can be worrisome and disturbing, with an Android pattern in Use which is a common practice by most Android users majorly to protect other unauthorized users from accessing an Android device. Many smartphone users knows the important of using Pattern in their Android Phone which is a measure for security but what happens when you forget your Android pattern? What clamour in your thought of what to do next? Every answer to this question is to quickly give a trial and error method just like in psychology of Edward Thorndike theory of the "cat and fish" which result in so many trials of a blindfolded cat who is very hungry but had to reach the fish to get what it's wants. In other cases, you might not get to know if a trial and error will result to a possible outcome which is positive so you get to try on how to easily Disable or Bypass Android pattern using Adb via PC of which will be a last resort.
Bypass or disable Android pattern via Adb

Adb acronym is Android debug bridge which is a PC software application known for it's versatility which is use to read and connect other device. The Adb has a command which helps to debug app and also has the ability to access Unix Shell which helps to run command on other devices, it serves as an intermediary to execute command on devices in the background. There are some uses you need to know about Adb which helps you to understand better how it's works.

Functions of ADB (Android Debug Bridge)

1. Control Android Device via PC: one of the most tasking function of ADB is to ensure a Client issue Adb command which  absolutely control everything you want.

2. Copying Files: Adb has the ability to copy files from a location to another, Even if your Android is locked with pattern, Adb command can help you copy files from your Android to PC or transfer files from PC to Android.

3. Install and Uninstalling of Apps: You cant get anywhere it much better as Adb can help you to install or uninstall unwanted Android apps in your device even when locked.

4. Execute Shell (Unix): among other functions it can perform, Adb helps you to execute all Unix shell shell command it's oblige to carry out.

5. Auto install Android Apps in SD Card Path: Yes this is among other geeky tricks Adb can carry out, it's help to auto set and install your Android apps to use SD card as default Apps installer.

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Haven know what are the functions or uses of ADB (Android debug bridge) does and some others functions not mentioned above, here comes the focal point which is How to Easily Disable or Bypass Android pattern using Adb via PC of which am going to be plain and brief about it.

Steps to Disable or Bypass Android Pattern Via ADB

Step 1: Installing Adb exe / Drivers

Bypass or disable Android pattern via Adb

When you want to make use of ADB in bypassing on unlocking your Android pattern, you need to install the software which will in turn serve as a "server" that communicate with your Android phone and PC therefore providing you with a full advantage to carry out the task of maximally control your Android device when locked via pattern, you can get to download the app from the Adb site and run it. Launch Adb to test by opening folder name platform-tools folder, right clicking on this folder and select open "commands window here". Adb drive files can be downloaded here

Step 2: Enabled USB Debugging: 

Bypass or disable Android pattern via Adb

The first thing to do is to ensure you Enabled USB debugging which is prior when you purchase an Android phone although if you are just getting to know this while your phone is using an Android pattern then Adb can't work for the preposition of what you are about to do hence if you activate the USB Debugging then you can proceed further below.

Step 3: Connect Phone to PC via USB

Connect your Android device via a USB cable to your PC to run some commands which will be listed below as it's enables you to get the best out of Adb to control and operate your device even if its locked.

Enter ad device which displays

$ adb devices List of devices attached emulator-5556 device product:sdk_google_phone_x86_64 model:Android_SDK_built_for_x86_64 device:generic_x86_64 emulator-5554 device product:sdk_google_phone_x86 model:Android_SDK_built_for_x86 device:generic_x86 0a388e93 device usb:1-1 product:razor model:Nexus_7 device:flo 

The above is just a syntax as seen in Android developer which will display list of devices connect to your PC, ensure you have install the appropriate drivers for your device or heads over to XDA forum to get your phone manufacturer default drivers. Moreso you can use Google USB driver as a means to use Adb if your phone support Google driver which is located at SDK manager windows, this can be applied by heading over to device manager >> Right Properties >> shows drivers tab then Select update drivers for this device and import Google\usb driver.

Step 4: Enter Adb commands

You are to enter the following commands appropriately for this to work

Type Adb shell followed by the Enter Key

Enter C data /system

Type SU followed by Enter key

Type rm *.key

Bypass or disable Android pattern via Adb

Reboot your Android device and see how magical it has work for you but ensure Adb reads your phone before effectively carrying out this simple task. No fear of harm or damage to your device but ensure you follow the appropriate steps above to carry out this.

If you are satisfied with this article share to friends and family for more Android tips or if you have and questions on how to bypass or unlock Android pattern via Adb exe for PC, you can drop your comments below..
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