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Just for Android, this Scientific calculator is a special and a standard programmed mode which enable users to make use of unit for converting Chemistry, physics and mathematical formulae to solve equation. If you are a student, graduate or even undergoing a post graduate programme, you can make use of Hiedu Scientific calculator which help in measurements and other projects even helps in solving algebra expression and a geometrical problems to arrive at a satisfactory outcome.
Hiedu Scientific calculator Apk for Android


Below some of the features which are categorically divided into nine (9) segment

Scientific Calc: Do you need to use the Hiedu Scientific calculator for statistics analysis? Here you will be able to use features like Casio while it makes it possible using the natural mode for inputs and fractions. It present you will formulas like ½h, X-1, d/dx Σ Abs with a Casio of fx570ms. It can also undo and redo mistakes, edit, create favourite algebra expression and lat but not the least save calculations history.

Standard Calc: in the standard mode of Hiedu Scientific calculator, you can as well save history of calculations, makes quick edits and it also serve as a simple tool to engage in simple arthiemetric  as compared to a simple calculator.

Mathematics formulas: you actually save yourself a good time to taking notes of formulas at place of learning as Hiedu Scientific calculator helps you to quickly remember these formulas and as well store up to over +500 mathematical formulas. These formulas helps in guiding you to the appropriate way of solving equations, very easy to understand.

Physics formulas: it has a advanced formulas which are subdivided into thermal physics, optics, periodic motion, electricity and others. As the feature implies, it contain most physics formulas for every level of education and educational workspace.

Chemical reactions: this helps in solving chemical equations at all levels with several variables to be determined as a chemist.
Programmers: Not limited to students or undergraduate but also post graduate students can make use of this to convert numbers between others variable, binary can be hexadecimal, octa or decimal.

Graphing calc: Purposely for graphical equation calculations to solve graph task ith the ability to also solve one-quadratic equation in degree system level of education and other applicable equations.

Multi-task Converter
• Available unit conversions include:
+ Currency (US dollar CDN dollar pound peso etc)
+ Speed (km/h mph knot etc)
+ Area (square kilometer square mile hectare acre etc)
+ Power (watt kilowatt horsepower etc)
+ Energy (joule calorie BTU etc)
+ Cooking Volume (teaspoon tablespoon cup pint quart ounce etc)
+ Pressure (kilopascal bar PSI etc)

Display:  Hiedu Scientific calculator has a simple display background that helps in a simple mathematical calculations and other related operations, the button of both alphabet and numbers include with a beautiful design sink into it, not forgetting the beautiful themes you can apply and makes it just WOW just to your desire.

Where to Download Hiedu Scientific calculator Latest Apk Android Version

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