What Google told us About Android Q

As it stand right now many could be craving for the new update of Android Q but nobody wants to really know What should be expected and what features about Android Q should everyone be looking out for. As you all know, nobody really want to dwell with old updates as everyone want to keep up-to-date with Google that why in this article you will learn what Google told us about Android Q, will it motivate the Android User if it's Eventually Available? or likewise Google Mobile Users How do they flare with the new update although still going through Beta Testing.
What Google Told us about Android Q

Android Q follow P which means Pie but what does Q Alphabeth means okay we can't specifically Give you a sincere answer to this right now as it can either be simplified into three (3) terms, Quichie, Quejidas, Quindim, Quesito, Queen of puddings. Whichever one Google decide to make as a dessert name will just be find or you could either Suggest What name fits in. As It was mentioned earlier on, Android Q is still going through Beta testing which the recent Test was Beta 3 experience it's Debut on May 7 from the just Concluded I/O 2019 (input/Output) where Top developers Mets to discuss about recent and more discoveries. As we are jeering up for future updates on Android Q, let look at what Google told Us About Android Q.

What Google Told us about Android Q

What Google Told Us About Android Q OS

Amazing Build-in Screen Recorder: This is another fascinating feature for the expected Android Q when it is finally made offinal, for now the Google pixels like Pixel 2, Pixel 3 and 4 are mobile OS that can actually test this feature, this is enable deep in the developers options as it enable individual to start a recording which gives additional voiceover and also visual faceover Indicator to the tap of the screen.
What Google Told us about Android Q

Options Added to Permissions: you will be amazed what Google is actually doing to Android Q update, Much bigger changes of what you use to Know. The changes applied will enable user to know and give a better understanding of app you should give access to or have control over.

The new permission update allow user to choose between various choice like to allow Everytime even if the app is in use or Not in use or You should allow only for a specific purpose during it's Use or Never allow (Deny) which is the 3rd and final option popup for permission over apps. There is also in the settings an option known as "permission Usage" as it's gives you a breakdown of all the apps requested for permission and also filters permission to all apps to see which app are using certain ones and also a new UI in app permission.

Great Theming: You will love and get accustomed to themes of Android Q, maybe that one of the main reason you will get to love this update, After the Beta 1 has been carried out in March, there is discoveries that you could change the accent color of the entire UI of Mobile OS With Android Q with varieties of colors like Black, blue, green and switch back to the default color.
What Google Told us about Android Q

There comes Beta test 2 which including a default app which is known as Pixel themes as it is yet to be functional but with this app great Theming your Google pixels is just getting bigger and better.

Wide-Dark Theme Effect: Just like when Twitter created it's dark mode atleasat again people won't have to stress their eyes or even at time to avoid damaging of the eye lens, Google have finally introduce the Wide-Dark theme for Android Q which can be enabled with just a toggle on in Quick settings also developers can both of applying a Dark theme mode action for their Android app as Google has update the API to the allow this effect to take place, What more can I say, this is absolutely brilliant.

Shared menu: If you are to start mentioning other changes that Google brought to Android Q, a better example is the Improved shared menu that was recamped, Before now the shared popup menu use to be very slow and this is diasterous to file sharing, Android Q has now tackled that as the file sharing can now load very fast when it is tapped as seen in "public in advance" as it is use daily. Not only that there is more to it as Android Q has introduce Sharing Shortcut in a specific way as app can now easily sharing images or video when developers has implement all of these in it's app With the New API Google Update, another faster way of sharing files with Android Q.

The Expendable, The Foldables: This is just getting even bigger and better with Android Q as Google has full support Foldables phones as it can do multi-tasking to adaptation of different fold screen sizes as you unfold the phones
Here is What Google Says

"Together with over 180 device makers, Android has been at the forefront of new mobile technologies. Many of them—like the first OLED displays, predictive typing, high density and large screens with edge-to-edge glass—have come to Android first. 
This year, new industry trends like foldable phone displays and 5G are pushing the boundaries of what smartphones can do. Android Q is designed to support the potential of foldable devices—from multi-tasking to adapting to different screen dimensions as you unfold the phone. And as the first operating system to support 5G, Android Q offers app developers tools to build for faster connectivity, enhancing experiences like gaming and augmented reality." 

This is what we should be expecting from Android Q and it is coming live for Phone makers like Tecno, Huawei, Xiaomi, Google Pixels, Sony, Nokia, vivo, Essential, Realme, Asus and LG.
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