WhatsApp New Update Feature a Share Status to Facebook and QR Code

WhatsApp is currently Running some new features update which are still in Beta Stage, it was Reported that WhatsApp will be Releasing some of it's features but there is not specific time to when this feature will be available for both Android and iOS device. It was report that WhatsApp will roll out Dark Mode for it's App but later we were told that this update will be scabbed of it's implementation and such will not not materialize. Which ever way WhatsApp wants to Roll out first either the Share status to Facebook as story or a QR Code feature to share your phone number via barcode to those who would contact you on WhatsApp, it will be a step further.
How to Share Status on Facebook via WhatsApp and New QR Code feature

WhatsApp is said to have brought the Update further to Google play Beta Program can give you new access to features that is yet to be made official. WhatsApp 2.19.151 has two features of whatsApp which is currently going through implementation before it will be rolled out for everyone. There is no problem with your whatsApp app if you have updated to the latest version but could not find the features of both a QR Code and Share Status as Facebook story but it is still yet to be know when it will be available so it might come quicker and faster or might have to be a little bit in lengthy before we all can see the Feature update.

WhatsApp version 2.19.151 Status for Facebook

What's app is going to allow users to post status on Facebook which will be manually done

How to Post Status via WhatsApp to Facebook

Step 1: Ensure you have Install Facebook app on your device

Step 2: Write a status update and share as Add to Facebook Story as option will be available and when tapped it will redirect you to share your status

Step 3: Share the status to Facebook as story which can either be in text, video, images, Gifs.

Step 4: This will be posted as facebook story so your friend can view which remains up to 24 hours

WhatsApp version 2.19.151 QR Code Feature

Not yet available for both Android and iOS device but when fully available, the QR Code button will be added to the profile section of WhatsApp users. If the user tap on the QR Code it will be displayed representing your code which is ready to be share.

Note that you are sharing your phone number to the platform which friend, family or others can contact you with on WhatsApp but hey be careful with it although, there is a way to revoke the QR code anytime you want to protect your privacy and safety.

What do you think of WhatsApp new Update which is coming soon to enable you to share status to Facebook as story or QR Code feature to share your phone number via Other platform for easy contact on WhatsApp.
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