Hongmeng OS for Huawei to Replace Android OS as it Seek Trademark

Should by Now Google be counting their regret or if am to use the word loss, After all that Happened between United States and China which claim to be as a result of Security breach and all cause of accusations was directed to China owned manufacturer Huawei for "Agreement" breach over the use of Users Data intruding into Android users privacy of which Huawei debuff and debunked to be a falsehood statement and tends to question the USA Government over the accusation. Furthermore, Huawei have also have a plan B if the Disagreement between both parties lingers as it own Android-based OS "Hongmeng" Set to be launch sooner than expected seeking for Trademark in 10 countries.

It is no news that Huawei have been building a back door OS over the last 5 years of which is part of their project but was not in their layout plans to make use of if not for the recent dispute between the Chinese based manufacturer and Google Android of the United States. It is said that Hongmeng OS will replace and power Android as it's request the latest potent of World interlectual property organization (WIPO). In it's preparation to face the worst scenario if the ties cannot the maintain any longer for both Google Android and Microsoft Windows, Hongmeng OS also known as ARK OS will replace their OS.
Hongmeng OS to Replace Android OS

The duopoly have been taken too long and many companies including Samsung Want to break up the thread with the use of Tizen and Microsoft mobile Effort only for it to crash which couldn't stop the dominance of both Apple iOS and Android OS.

As far back as 2012, Chinese based company have been in a bit on the Tech labouratory to picture out a better challenge to stop the duopoly of Android OS and Apple iOS but not quite in a speedy proccess since it's since runs with the domination of Android OS but the ties between these two could no longer be visible as Hongmeng now seek it's trademark.

Shocking to see that After Going through rigourous test for all chinese products of Oppo, vivo, Xiaomi is it said to be 60% faster than Google owned Android OS as there was a collaboration with Tencent to develop the Hongmeng OS in a report by Global Publication.

The 10 countries which Huawei has shipped over 1 million device with Hongmeng OS for testing in other to seek a trademark include Australia, Canada, Cambodia, the European Union, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland and Thailand, although there are further plans to Also Use Hongmeng OS for tablets and PC too later in the future.

Should incase things start falling in place the Huawei, just bear it mind that another bigger player is on the verge to dominate
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