How to Get 1.2GB for N125 with Airtel Night Plan Bundle

This is not a guess Nor unconfirmed as you can now get as Much as 1.2GB per night with just N125 naira. There is always the twist with Airtel Night Plan in past months which was totally Revamped to what we now have recently. The Changes has cost users of Airtel Night plan bundle to switch allegiance to other network like MTN which is more suitable and Better for their Need.
How to Get 1.2GB for N125 with Airtel Night Plan Bundle

On this blog, I shared the news Sadly! Airtel Night Plan Slashed to 250MB for N25 which is the only option obtainable on the smartrybe 2.0 tariff plan. Airtel which is considered one of the best networks in terms of 4G internet speed gives us the best of Night plan better than the rest of the network. It introduces N25 for 500mb and N200 for 1.2GB before things start getting worst of which it was slashed to N25 for 250MB and N50 for 500MB which didn't take much longer and was later revisited by Airtel Network for this current state of N25 for 250MB only.

Just recently, Airtel silently Make the Night Plan more interesting by making all Airtel Smartrybe 2.0 Users to Enjoy as much as N125 for 1.2GB, of Cause this option is not accessible when you dial the Code for subscribing to the Airtel Night Plan, What else will you do? Okay the reason for this article of which I will show you all lovers of Midnight Browsing on how to Get as Much as 1.2GB for N125 with Airtel Night Plan.

The changes in the New Airtel Night Plan is the ability of User to be able to Subscribe and resubscribe to the plan over and over again but note that this has its Limit as you can't go beyond Getting over 1.2GB in just a Night.

New Method to Get 1.2GB for N125 on Airtel Night Plan

1.'if you are a new subscriber or you will like to subscribe to Airtel Night plan to get 1.2GB for N125, migrate to Airtel smarSmart 2.0 by dialing *312#
2. Select 1 to migrate of which is free of charge.
3. After successful migration, Repeat by dialing *312# and select 2 to buy 250MB for N250 from 12a.m every new day
4. This enables you to surf the internet till your megabytes elapse.

Note; To get 1.2GB for N125 which is the limit, you are to Resubscribe up to 5X times after enjoy the previous Megabytes. This gives you more and more Browsing time before 5a.m of which you can no longer Subscribe

How to Download Large files with Airtel Night Plan

This is what you need to do, since Airtel Night Plan permit you to only Subscribe up to 5X per night on a Sim, You can get as many as possible Sims for you to keep subscribing to the Airtel Night plan after you have elsape the limit for a particular Sim although you may find it tedious which involves changing of Sim but can get you up to 6.2GB for N625 Naira using 5 Airtel Sims, alteast this will aid your download in reducing some of your queue to-do files.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Can it be Accumulated?
No, the limit can fetch you as 1.2GB per Night and can not be accumulated only subscribe to it bit by bit.

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Does Airtel Gives more than 1.2GB
No, it only Gives you access to get 1.2GB per Night of which is 5X times the subscription.

What tarriff can I benefit from this Night Plan
Only those on Airtel Smartrybe 2.0 can enjoy this Offer from 12a.m to 5a.m dialy.

Enjoy the new Airtel Night Plan from 12a.m to 5a.m dialy as you can get as much as 1.2GB for N125 only on the Airtel Smartrybe 2.0 tariff plan.
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