Recover Deleted images and videos from Android via jihosoft Using PC

How painful will you be to see all your files of both Images and videos all deleted suddenly from your Android device because it crash which will be so devastated to know that you lost some important documents which could cost you a whole lot of financial and statutory imbalance even in your workplace. It is advisable to always keep copies of your important videos and images of your Android device which will serve as backup incase of unforseen problems that are bound to occurs like in a case of this, You could imagine having all your just concluded Wedding event of both Images and videos sent to your Android only for your Device to crash after a week and you are not sure the photographer or video camera man still has a soft copy so what do you do? You can Recover Deleted images and videos from Android via Jihnsoft using a PC (Personal computer) which is not necessary to be yours, So far you can get one to do it, You can be the master Engineer to do this processes am going to be showing you.
Recover Deleted Images and videos from Android

Images are Pictorial representation of a persons or Things digitally or arts, it constitutes a refresh memory of past events or happenings, people have now make images one of the most essential things to do when they want to have a memory of such happenings. Like videos which is more of an advance way of taking events which is reproducing, recording and broadcasting of visual images. Among others PC softwares, jihnsoft exe has proven to be a more relentive and proof result as it is help user of Android to recover a deleted images and videos to both external hard drive and also users of Android device, all it does it to scan and retrieve all your lost files and also do most works so all you just need to do is to relax while it performs all of its functions.

You will learn below all the required steps and process of how to ultimately use jihosoft in your PC (personal computer) to effect and absolutely regain controls of all your deleted files like images and videos on your Android. The measures are laid down below in it's simplest ways for your understanding to ensure you get the best out of jihnsoft which has proven much effective. Okay let's take a look as these process and steps to recover your deleted files of both images and videos.


1. Android Device
2. PC (Personal computer)
3.  Jihnsoft Exe (Download)
4. USB cable.

6 Easy Steps to Recover Deleted Images and Videos from Android via Jihnsoft (PC) No Root Required

Step 1.

All you need to do first and foremost is to download jihosoft and install on your personal computer.

Jihnsoft exe download Windows version

Step 2.

Selecting the Genre first, this happens when you have fully install the application on your PC, On your screen will see options which are

(i) Mui
(ii) Database
(iii) WhatsApp
(iv) All

Select the one that suit your needs for that very moment.

Step 3

Insert your USB cable in a Slot and connect your Android device, Ensure you have turn "ON USB DEBUGGING" which can be found in Phone Settings >> about >> Developer options or you can as well go to Settings >> Additional Settings >> Developer options >> Turn on USB Debugging.

Note: Ensure you have install the Supported USB driver for your Device manufacturer or you could search online to get one. This action should be when Your PC cannot detect your Android.

Step 4

After it has scan and detect your Android device indicating the model, click on start to start up a full Scan but here comes the patience you need as you will need to be very patience for a complete scan.

Step 5

Viola, you will see the full list of the recovered images and videos in your Android device which you previously lost, Go through such list and see if you actually got all your important images and videos back.

Step 6.

Mark every thing your will want to recover both images and videos before you tap or click on the "RECOVER" button to get all your files back with no root Required.

When all these are done, You are to make a backup copies of your images and videos on your Personal computer before transfering another copies to your Android Device.

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It is expected to always backup your images, videos and important files like document saved in your Android device and this should always be a routine attitude to develop because of unforseen circumstances, Android apps like MediaFire, 4shared, Mega, and Dropbox have simply make it easier for Android users to back up the files of both images, videos and other files without the use of a PC. You can get a much as 50GB free Storage space for Mega, you can read more about Mega Service  and probably sign up for an account by register with an email address.

Do let us know via the comment section if jihnsoft works best for you by recovering images and videos from your Android with a PC (Personal computer) no root required. Like this? Share with others and as will suggest other solutions in the comment section below.
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