WhatsApp to Integrate Sharing Status to Other Apps

A lots of feature will presume to not have seen is now resurfacing and Facebook owned Social media app WhatsApp is Bringing alot of updates which are being Rolled out in Batch. Previous we have witness and See how these features are like Status size increase, Delete message feature and some couple of other updates but the most recent update which is about to be rolled out is that WhatsApp will enable you to share your status to other Apps as it about to Integrate and fully rolled out this update.
How to Share WhatsApp Status to Other Apps

The update of which WhatsApp Feature let you to Share Status to Facebook and QR Code where Other users can make you of your barcode to initiate a chat with you is still being rolled out and it will be expected to be completed in the coming weeks. This feature will make WhatsApp to be more fun and lively as its Induce a common interconnection to facebook to share moments in events, happenings and others things.

The update if Sharing WhatsApp status to other apps will be available for both Android and iOS and of cause WhatsApp is also taken your Privacy very serious that why the banning of WhatsApp Users of Which whatsApp is taking serious for those Using MODs of WhatsApp. I have wrote a comprehensive Guide on how to Share your status from WhatsApp to Facebook stories which you can refer to Here. Other feature like the sharing to other apps you are expected to follow this procedures.

How to Share WhatsApp Status to Other Apps

"Other Apps" here simply means other social media apps like the Instagram, Twitter, Viber, Pinterest, tinder, telegram and as well as your phone SMS app (text messaging app), below are how to to about it.

1. Open WhatsApp app either for androAn or iOS devices

2. Tap Status.

3. Create a status update of which you will be permitted by whatsApp to share  which is either to share a new Status or Old status

To share Status

Share new status: Under My status, tap Share ( or ). Please note the Share option disappears once you go to another tab.
Share old status: Tap My Status on iPhone or More  by My status on Android. Next, tap More ( or ) next to the status update you want to share, then tap Share.

In the share tray that appears, tap the app you want to share your status update to.

As we are anticipating for these new updates from WhatsApp, it is be more fun and lively if WhatsApp can increase Group participants, improve it's video calling Feature, initiate interesting updates to compliment the integration of sharing WhatsApp Status to other Apps.
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