Download God of War (Legendary v1.0) iso - PS2 Game

Task are unfolding, many battles need to be won, what becomes of Kratos, he need to keep fighting for the freedom of the captives, who will save the world?. As the story unfold there comes a time for the battle to be taken to the enermy, the battle has been taken and the goddess of Athena will lead him to the Athens as slaves are be Mal torture and caged so let's this battle be won as Kratos will go face the Principal powers of the Oracle of Athens which has held Ares captive for so long. In the Legendary V1.0, you will get the complete storyline of a man who need to save his people, Download and enjoy God of War iso for PS2 Camera.

Download God of War v1.0 the Legendary iso for Ps2

What must Kratos do to take the battle to the enermy, in the storyline where he met a gravedigger, finding his path guide by and also helping him in the quest for defeating the enermy, Kratos must locate a Pandora'' box which will give him the ability to unleash his locked powers on the enermies, he must answer the ancestral calls by obeying them in order to face the reality he is embattled with which is his "nightmare".

God of War the legendary iso a PS2 camera Game for PlayStation which you will enjoy every bits of the storyline and it is as well actually packed Game of a young man who need to Retrieve his full potential by making all available weapons at his potential a must use to give the enermy no breathing space. In his mission, he is meant to encounter large enermues, come accross battle in the battlefield, make use of his skills as a spartan which is a combination of sword and physical combact.

God of War "kratos" makes use of sword is  deadly Blades of Athenaand also he will have to overcome armies of mythological and Giant monsters, legions of undead soldiers, and amazingly dangerous and brutal landscapes throughout his merciless quest. How dreadful the battle is,  Download God of War the legendary iso to set lose of What's witchhunting Kratos in the other side of his dark mryth.

About Game

Credit: jholgames
Size: 3.2GB
Format: ISO
Language: Portuguese
Type: DVD 5

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Features of God of War: the Lengendary ISO for PS2

✔ Dynamic plot Battles: Face battles in Ares and get to conquer the enermies with magic and skill and unleash every skills are your disposal

✔ Power up &  Skills: Find the missing box of Pandora to help you with your unstoppable magical skills and fire up your energy

✔ Great Skills with the use of Blade: Your sword as a blade will help you to outslaughter the enermies in quick succession and free you from being over powered.

✔ Strong Gigantic Bosses: yeah you meet strong gigantic statue that can help you to defeat the enermy and make you conquer.

How to Play God of War the Legendary iso for PS2

1. Download God of War The Legendary v1.0 with the link below.
2. Copy the Raw iso file to your PC and take note of the Save path.
3. Go to file explorer and search for "jholgames God of War dublado" then select the file
4. Click on share tab which is located at the upper left of the windows pc
5. An option will be provided for you to burn to disc, select this and tick on verify disc before you start Burn.
6. Open My computer, then select disc to view the File, Remove from your computer disc slock and Insert to your PS2

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Download God of War The Legendary iso for PS2

Click link 1 Here  to Download God of War the Legendary Here

Click link 2 Here

Enjoying Download and playing God of War The Legendary iso for PS2 v1.0 dublado just like on DVD 5 for PlayStation.
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