How to Get 10GB for 1000 Naira with Glo Auto-Renewal 2019

This Sound unbelievable Right? Actually it is Not and that is why the Grand Masters of Data is Right Here for You, Get much Cheaper and less costlier Data at a price worth it. Glo is here to Make you smile Meanwhile all you have to do is to ensure you follow the Instructions that will be given on this Post so you can get to Activate 10GB of Data cost 1000 naira which will be base on Glo Auto-Renewal and Working Perfectly, the recent and the best 2019 method will be shared in this article, Get your Glo Sim ready.

Glo 10gb Auto-Renewal for 1000 naira

There is something you need need to know about Glo Auto-Renewal and How it Works because we will be deploying the same tactics to ensure this method you are about to Activate works best for you. Glo Auto-Renewal is about Resubscribing to a Data plan which can be either weekly or Monthly Subscription/Data plan before it elapse or expire. If the weekly or monthly subscription got elapse or the data is exhausted before the original date of the data expiration, Glo Auto-Renewal works when you purchase another plan or same plan which you will receive additional data bonus for the new plan. All of the above will be put to measure while the best way to wrap it up is to buy a New Sim which is "Glo Oga Sim".

What is Glo Oga Sim? 

According to Glo, the Sim known as Glo Oga Sim is any New Glo Sim Card but it is unique because of the offers it's gives and Glo Oga Sim Gives 125% bonus on data purchase. Example is a Data purchase of N500 gives 800MB (without Auto-Renewal) while it gives 920MB on Auto-Renewal but Glo Oga Sim of 125% bonus will give you 1.8GB which can be Extended from 14 days validity to 21 days.

Moving further, while considering all other things that will be put in place, You will have to use a new Glo Sim which will automatically be on Glo Oga Sim but a logical subscription will be done on the Sim before you can get 10GB with 1000 naira on Glo. Let Get to know how to activate this as it is currently working in 2019 for a New Costomers who uses Glo Oga Sim.

(a) New Glo Sim
(b) Your Device
(c) Recharge Cards (here it can cost you more)

Steps to Activate 10GB for 1000 Naria - Glo Oga Auto-Renewal Sim

An easy and simple step and the following step by step will guide you

(I) first like I mentioned earlier, you get a new Glo Sim which will be Oga Sim (3/4G Sim) then register it.

(ii) make your first Recharge of 1000 naira worth of airtime and you will be given free 5000 additional airtime.

(Note that this bonus airtime is divided into two, 2000 naira for making calls to all networks and 3000 naira for Glo to Glo network only)

(iii) using your 1000 naira airtime to to subscribe, dial *127*53# and immediately you will be given 3.6GB instead of 1.8GB for normal Sim (Auto-Renewal).

(iv) While making use of the data to do your daily activities for up to 3 weeks, then Resubscribe by recharging another 1000 naira Glo airtime with the same code of *127*53# which will be on Auto-Renewal because the plan is not yet 4 weeks (30 days) which is the focus here even if you exhausted the data capped.

SeeGlo Amebo Offer will Give You 5X Your Recharge, See How to Activate

(v) you will be given 10GB+ for same 1000 naira and you can continue in this pace for some time if you keep recharging before the expiry date or every 3 weeks.

How to Check Glo 10GB for 1000 Naira Balance

It is simple and just like checking other data plan balances, just daily *127*0# and you will be sent an SMS showing your current data balance.

How to Gift Glo 10GB for 1000 Naira Data

Yes, it is possible to gift Glo 10GB cost 1000 naira by just dialling *127*01# and add the beneficiary Glo number

How Long can I Enjoy Glo 10GB for 1000 Naira

Not quite long, You can only enjoy this grace period for just 3 Months of which you will be reverted back to Glo official data capped.

Enjoy 125% on Glo Oga Sim which will give you 10GB for 1000 naira only, and remember to use the above code and NOT *777# if you want to get up to 10GB work of Glo Data for 1000 naira, share this article with others..

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