Latest AnonyTun Settings for 9mobile Free Browsing Cheat 2019

Earlier on this blog I posted about 9mobile free browsing Cheat which some folks has started enjoying but coming to my notice is the that it get slows if much users crowds a Server and hence the need for making the post urgently for those who are using the "9mobile Smartpak bundle" to power all apps with the config shared Earlier. While with this settings, you can continue to enjoy the latest New 9mobile free browsing cheat but this time with AnonyTun Apk for Android device.
AnonyTun setting for 9mobile free browsing 2019

With AnonyTun Apk for 9moblie free browsing cheat 2019, you don't need to worry about slow server, as you all know this is not totally free you need to subscribe to 9mobile Smartpak bundle to activate this. Hence you have to choose between this Configuration and the previous one shared on this blog.

As you all know 9mobile Smartpak is only for Social media apps but with the configs, you get to power every Android apps and download on your device. 

You can refer to previous post to know the capped data for each social media subscription. 


(a) Android app
(b) AnonyTun Apk
(c) Config 
(d) 9mobile line subscribe to Smartpak bundle.

2019 Settings For 9mobile AnonyTun Free Browsing Cheat

1. Download the latest version of AnonyTun For your Android and uninstall any Old or modded version else it won't Work.

2. Subscribe to 9mobile SmartPak bundle or known as Social media bundle package.

3. Launch AnonyTun app After installing then tap on STEALTH SETTINGS

4. Select IMPORT and choose the config settings for AnonyTun.

That's no ALL, Go back to AnonyTun apk homepage tap on the 3 dots to select VPN SETTINGS

5. Set it as follows exactly in the Screenshot. 
AnonyTun setting for 9mobile free browsing 2019
VPN Settings

Compress Packets ON/OFF  should be toggle ONMTU Size 1500Route All ON/OFF should be toggle ONDNS forwarding ON/OFF leave it Google DNS ON/OFF leave itCustom DNS ON/OFF should be toggle ON
DNS 1 Enter 1111DNS 2 Enter 1111
Then SAVE and Tap on the CONNECT button

Download the Config HERE 

Enjoy 9mobile free Browsing cheat with AnonyTun Apk for 2019 which works for Smartpak bundle. 

All thanks goes to @deeptechzone for revealing this, Comment below if you have any questions to ask regarding this 9mobile free browsing cheat for anonytun Apk
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