See New YouTube Update Stylist Homepage and Suggested Videos Control

The largest Hub for Video Content Search and Streaming YouTube owned by Google has been one of the most Tremendous Video Lounge for Everyone. Another New Phase of Updates is Coming to YouTube and this time Coming with a More attractive and intriguing Update, where everyone get to have control over What's he or she decide to Watch as you can Control Suggested Videos as a new Option of "Don't Recommend Channel" will be added to Every Channels videos base on your Search Keywords and also a more Pragmatic stylist Homepage in the new update
New YouTube Homepage and Control over videos

The New update is Channelled to Give users more and easy access to their choice of Video Stream, Google has make a much bigger chances to YouTube as it will now feature Categories at the toppermost section of YouTube both Web and app Interface. This is to Ensure that every user takes control of What he will be able to See and Watch and as Well also helps in Creating more to Save time of users in their quest for Search Keywords.

It will not be more for us on Keywords as Google will also Gives you Total control to Remove suggestions from channels you will not want to Watch in YouTube App. This bring a coherent and Channel of Your Interest together as no more Filty and other embrodded suggestions of unwanted But pupular channels.

Expected YouTube Homepage and Videos Control Changes

Here is What you need to Expect either as a vlogger or a User, the new YouTube App update will feature Categories at the top section of the YouTube Interface. These categories are DYI Project, Musics, Baking, Recent upload, Comedy, Movies, All and others which is more easier to get your intended search video without entering a keyword to search for. Example you are to Make a Short cake and consider making YouTube a reference point to help you to achieve that, then instead of typing "how to bake a Short cake" you will simplify your search by tapping on the Category "Bake" which will dish out all suggestions regarding Baking of all kinds.

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The second update is the Video Control Of which you can take absolute controls of the Youtube Videos you will like to see and Watch as new update now has a "Don't recommend channel" option on every Channel video, this will help you remove unwanted suggestions for more resourceful channels.

Anticipating? Well it will be be a great to see New changes to YouTube homepage and more controls of channel videos you watch with other interesting updates that will surface in subsequent months and years.
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