Over 20 Million Apps With Malware Hidden in WhatsApp, See Solutions - July Update

A July update is here for all Android users as there is a mass detection of Malware that have affected over 20 Million Apps which has acted like WhatsApp but hidden a Cybersecurity company has warned. You need to be wary of the Kind of update you make especially for WhatsApp as these update can virtually affect other apps on your Android device as hackers have taken over to replace Real apps Like WhatsApp with other fake version bumping on advert.
Solutions on how to protect your device from Malware July update

Do not be caught in the web of these hackers as I will share a solution on how to get out of fake apps that contain Malware and act like WhatsApp in disguise just to steal your vital information and also keep serving unwanted ads. This finding has cause steers in Google operation update as it serve like a threat hitting Google operating System and it has been recorded to have affected over 1.4 million Android user mostly in India while other low figures are recorded in the United States and United Kingdom.

Google has a routine method to always check apps for malware or other virus that may have hit the store house for Android apps but in this case, it was said to be a third party app store owned by one of the largest e-commerce site based in China as "Alibaba" and it is 9app.com where tons of Android apps can be downloaded. According to check point, it stated that "Due to the hackers ability to hide icons from the launcher and also had the ability to impersonate a popular app on a device, possibilities are the for the Malware to harm such Android device".

Moving further, the researcher has also noted that user who Download app from such app store are bound to take risk that could damage their device, apps like games, adult untamed apps like "kiss Game" touch her heart where a man is seen kissing an unclad woman are mostly dangerous to download. This kind of app when install will automatically installed malware to other apps like WhatsApp, Opera browser, replace it with it's update before serving unstoppable and disoriented ads on these apps.

Am I Running these Malware Apps, See Solutions for July Update

If you are using an app or you consider yourself an Android user, then consider doing all of these Guides am going to be dishing out solutions to these Malware Update for July, how can you be Save or What you need to do to keep your Android device from Hackers even if you installed appd from Google play ir from third party App store.

Of course you should know if These hackers hide malware in Apps like WhatsApp then an official WhatsApp do not run Advertisement and will never not in the nearest future, quickly uninstall if you use a whatsApp that run Ads.

Other method you can use is to ensure you follow this procedure. Go to Android Settings >> Apps (for newer version of Android, go to install Apps) >> check list of Apps you install and remove apps like Google installer, Google updater for U or other apps you never installed or without icons.

Becareful and bewarned where and how you Download apps from the internet like Website or stores, even if you will have to always check out the details of such apps and be sure it is the official version from the developer, Say away from Malware amd protect your Android device, the above solution should be used for this month of July will Alerts of other Security update will be on this blog is subsequent months.
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